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Could Gold’s Day in the Sun Be Upon Us?

After last week’s market shake up, the questions of “what happened” and “what next” is definitely on all of our minds here at Dent...

Energy Companies Tank

What the @#$! Just Happened?!

Gold’s Day in the Sun?

The New Debt Bomb

Count me among the worriers that thought our debt was a problem at $10 trillion…...

How Do We Stop the Insanity?

Nine years of QE… Near zero interest rates… When the effects of those started to fizzle out,...

My Legislative Wish List

My U.S. Congressman, Randy Weber, is on a mission. He recently introduced legislation that would permanently...

It’s Not Time to Go Bargain-Shopping Just Yet

Things got interesting last week. For the first time in history, the S&P 500 went from...

Which of These Two Patterns is Unfolding Now?

Last week, markets fell out of bed. Yesterday, they got up and dusted themselves off. I’ve...

What the Hell Just Happened?

After what happened the stock and cryptocurrency markets the last few days, it feels like...