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A Foreclosure Tsunami is Quickly Approaching

Looking ahead to the foreclosure wave due for shore we want to answer two questions: How many? How fast? How Many? CoreLogic estimates 22.8% (11.1 million) of all mortgages on


Think the Foreclosure Story is Old News? Think Again!

Over a year ago, a co-worker told us how she had caught neighborhood boys climbing into the second story window of the house next door. She confronted the group of


Let's Do An Experiment…

Try breathing in – only in – for a full minute. Can’t do it? Of course you can’t. Our bodies aren’t meant to. We know this intuitively; our lungs operate


How to Take Advantage of This Market Gift

So, your country is running at 100% debt-to-GDP. Your fearless leader has just proposed another 7% more debt on top of that. Your middle class is shrinking. Taxpayers are in


The Goldilocks Investment

Income-producing investments should provide steady returns with low volatility. Let me show you what I mean. In the chart below, I compare four bond funds: long-term Treasury bonds, investment-grade corporate


The Best Place to Find Income

The best place to find income is… Where few are looking. And right now, few are looking at municipal bonds. That’s not surprising. After all, who would want to buy


A Second Chance at Big Profits

The market gives second chances. Successful investors know this. As Rodney pointed out above, the fundamental problems facing Europe have not materially changed since last summer. This has made the


The Greek (Non) Deal Will Lead to a Big Payday

I recently read an article in the New York Times Magazine that outlined life in modern day Greece. It detailed the hardships ordinary citizens face. How they have reverted to