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The Goldilocks of Bond Funds

It may well be true that struggling corporations are being lulled into a cheap money trap — taking advantage of Fed-manipulated rates to acquire cash, when what they really need


The Best Thing to Add to Your 2014 Arsenal

I suspect that technical analysis is a craft that’s often misunderstood. I, personally, have never viewed the wiggles on my charts the same way that a palm-reader views the wiggles

Life Cycle

A Pig By Any Other Name

Cigarette smokers should hate Arthur Pigou, but most of them have probably never heard of him. He’s the economist from the 1920s who theorized that people who cause harm to

Housing Market

A Real-Estate Bubble: Fact or Fiction?

By Eddie Speed, Editor, REal Income Alert Everybody keeps asking me if I think we’re back in a real-estate bubble. I read a quote from Robert Shiller recently. He said:


What’s in Store for the Markets and the Economy in 2014

This is it. 2014 is the year I expect the government’s missteps to finally catch up with us. Why? Because all four of my longer term cycles are pointing down