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The 10 Principles of Bubbles Show Why the Whole Planet’s on Crack

The global markets just reacted to another 7% plunge in Chinese markets – the biggest bubble of our time. Go on the Internet and look up any article about China’s

Interest Rates

This Is Not What the Fed Wants to See

The first trading day of the New Year started with a bang! Stock markets around the world sold off. And whenever there is a major scare in stocks, the money


The Looming Retirement Crisis: There Are No Easy Fixes!

I don’t know Robert C. Merton personally. Reading his biography, he seems smart and accomplished. He holds degrees from Columbia, Caltech, and MIT. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize


Your 401(k) Plan: It’s More Than Just An Investment Account

Charles’ Dent 401k Advisor is designed to make you money, no matter what the stock market is doing. With it, he’ll show you how to properly allocate your portfolio for 2016.


2015: The Year No One Made Money, Unless…

2015 has been the worst year for the markets since 2008. So if you didn’t follow a good trading strategy, changes are you didn’t make any money last year.


The Dreaded Happy Hour: A New Years Tale for 2016

I recently took a car service from the outskirts of Washington, DC to Baltimore. Along the way I struck up a conversation with the driver, who was from Uganda. After