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The Year of the Unexpected

What a year, man! Between Brexit and Trump, I think the backward-looking theme of 2016 should be: “Expect the unexpected.” It was mildly amusing to watch the media be so


Buffett’s Greatest Strength is Discipline, Not Genius

Cliff Asness and Warren Buffett couldn’t be more different. Buffett buys companies. Asness trades stocks. Buffett is a “value” investor. Asness runs a “quant” shop, AQR Capital Management. Buffett is


The Next Best Thing to Mr. George’s Magic Ticket

There’s a man in France who owns what the Financial Times is calling a “magic ticket.” In their words: “It lets him turn back the clock, to invest with perfect


Role Reversals Are the New Trend

Back on November 1, one week before the presidential election – what now feels like an eternity ago, in political-regime-change time – I wrote to Cycle 9 Alert subscribers about


Now the Real Voting Begins

Well, the people have spoken. On January 20, 2017, Mr. Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. California wasted no time


Harnessing Fully Limited Risk

Last week, I explained two of the factors that drive the success of my research and trading service, Cycle 9 Alert. To recap, those are… We win more often than


Balancing the Tightrope of Risk and Return

My wife is generally a play-it-safe type of person. One of my favorite stories she tells is of when she was around five years old. Her parents took her on


To Beat the Market, You Need a Winning Strategy

Long-time readers should know by now that I LOVE investment systems. The benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy are many. For one, it removes the emotional component

Interest Rates

Thanks for the Favor, Fed

Everybody and their brother curses the Fed, with good reason. They’ve essentially taken the “free” out of free markets – and there’s nothing that makes us, as investors, more uncertain

Foreign Markets

The Green Light on Global Stock Buying

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) conducts a survey each week, simply asking investors: “Are you bullish, bearish or neutral?” Consider it an appraisal of the market’s mood. A