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Foreign Markets

The Green Light on Global Stock Buying

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) conducts a survey each week, simply asking investors: “Are you bullish, bearish or neutral?” Consider it an appraisal of the market’s mood. A


A Love Affair with Volatility

Risk means different things to different investors. Some calculate how much of their total portfolio they have invested in any given asset. Some look at the beta of a stock


Finding Profits in this Low-Return Market

Stock returns have been harder to come by recently. Consider this… Between 2012 and August 2015, the S&P 500 gained 68% and didn’t suffer a single “correction” (defined as a


There’s Always A Buying Opportunity Somewhere

Love him or hate him, President Obama made one of the best stock market calls… ever! On March 3, 2009 he said, “Buying stocks is a potentially good deal.” Just


Beating the Market Comes Down to One Thing: Timing

The secret to beating the market is simple: just be in the right place, at the right time. I said simple, not easy. And if you’re still clenching academic theories,


A Goat or a Rockstar?

On top of the world It ended up being our best trade ever. We banked a 225% profit in two months, turning $5,000 into $16,250. That’s $11,250 in cold-cash profits.


Profiting From The Seasonal Shift In Energy Stocks

Adam O'Dell Energy stocks have been on a tear recently. The SDPR Energy Sector ETF (NYSE: XLE) gained a whopping 34% in less than five months, between January 20 and

3 Ways to Survive the Next Crash

There are plenty of misconceptions about investment systems. It’s an esoteric field, so I’m not surprised. Most on the outside tend to think of systems as mysterious, robot-driven, “black box”


In This Calm Market, It’s Time To TrimYour Sails

If you’re feeling a sharp pain in the back of your neck – a la whiplash – you’re not alone. The stock market has been one heck of a rollercoaster


Stock-Market Insurance That Actually Positions You For PROFITS

No one I know enjoys buying insurance. Sure, you get the “peace of mind” you were sold when you bought the policy. But beyond that, owning insurance is a pretty