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Want to Build a Safe Income Portfolio? Don’t Chase Yield!

If something looks too good to be true… you can bet that it is. And nowhere is this truer than in the world of income investing. As investors, we’re drawn

Foreign Markets

Iran’s Western Ideals: But Not For the Reasons You Think

Last week, I wrote about China’s pending mother shortage and what it means for China’s economy in the decades ahead. Along those same lines, today I’m going to turn a

Foreign Markets

China’s Baby Bust

Shifting gears from money to love, here’s a little something to think about with Valentine’s Day on Saturday… Chinese couples will be making a lot fewer babies in the years

Foreign Markets

China’s Economy Spells Trouble for Luxury Brands

As Harry says, the emerging world’s uber wealthy have driven high-end real estate prices higher. And the emerging world’s aspirational rich have driven the boom in luxury goods — from


Stocks, Overvalued or Undervalued

Last week in the Ahead of the Curve section of Economy & Markets, John Del Vecchio wrote about how the U.S. stock market was expensive by historical norms, using one


The Copper Connection

For the first time in months, crude oil is actually showing signs of life. The price of a barrel of crude oil closed Friday up about 10% from its lows