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My Strategy for Retirement: It’s Not Like Yours and Shouldn’t Be!

I think most of you intuit that I’m not like the normal guy out there. I think outside the box, analyze everything, respect and revere cycles as much as I

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A Case of Reaction Instead of Action

Look. Economy & Markets isn’t a political newsletter, and I typically stay away from talking about it – people are touchy on the subject, and it’s the quickest way to


7 Reasons Why Trump’s Win Was Inevitable

Before November 8, 2016, only a handful of people believed Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. For many today, it still seems surreal. Yet here we


The Third – Potentially Lethal – Trigger

This past Monday I updated my Boom & Bust subscribers about an important new development in the civil war that I see brewing… or at least the possibility that the


Will Cars Be the Death of Us This Time?

The shining star of the 2009-2016 recovery has been auto sales. We weren’t surprised. In fact, we saw it coming. After all, cars are the last large purchase people make


Trump’s Magic Wand: I Simply Don’t Buy It!

As Trump is inaugurated today, it seems most people are feeling better about the economy. Even a more liberal analyst said yesterday in an interview that he thought Trump should


Job Creation Could Fall off a Cliff in the Months Ahead

Let’s do a quick thought experiment… Imagine you’ve got two people in the workforce. Let’s say one is 40 and the other 65. When both are gainfully employed, the unemployment


Gold’s Recent Bounce Is Temporary: The Trend is Still Down in 2017 (and Beyond)

Twenty-two radio interviews for the new book, 10 of them live. At this point, my voice is tired. So are gold sellers. Gold peaked at $1,934 in September of 2011

Demographic Trends

What Killed the Middle Class?

Our middle class has been shrinking substantially since the 1960s and ’70s. Today, their share of wealth is the lowest in the world, at a mere 19.6%! But what exactly


2017 Outlook: A Volatile Year from All Angles

Where to now… after what 2016 dished out? First, there was the surprise upset of the presidential election of dear old Donald. Then came the surprise shift in sentiment about