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Foreign Markets

How Unpredictable Will the Crack Heads be About Italy?

Italy has a major referendum on December 4, the results of which could mark the start of an Italian exit… yet U.S. and most global stocks keep going up. They


Who Wins and Who Loses in a Global Trade War?

My research in recent months has focused increasingly on how the surprise Brexit vote and Trump’s victory are actually not that surprising after all. They’re a clear sign of a


What 2016’s Two Biggest Events Are Ultimately About…

Like Brexit, Trump staged a surprising win last night, proving every poll wrong. This is a sign of an underlying trend more massive than the winter economic season that began


What Killed the Middle Class?

Our middle class has been shrinking substantially since the 1960s and ’70s. Today, their share of wealth is the lowest in the world, at a mere 19.6%! But what exactly


Unacceptable Cures for the Days Ahead

We’ve held four Irrational Economic Summits so far. Feedback after each has always been very positive. This year, we outdid ourselves! George Gilder, co-founder of the Discovery Institute, literally walked


This is Going to Be a Doozy!

Tomorrow, October 20, we start our annual Irrational Economic Summit… and it’s likely to be the timeliest one yet. Stocks broke an important level on Thursday, October 13, and this

Housing Market

China’s Orgasmic Real Estate Bubble

No question about it. China definitely takes the cake when it comes to bubble creation. The government encouraged everyday people to speculate in stocks in late 2014 and 2015 to


Will We See a U.S. Split?

People don’t think I’m being serious when I say that this country could experience a split that makes Brexit look like a tempest in a teacup. I’m talking about our


How Deutsche Bank Could Take Down Germany

The first bad news broke following the third quarter of 2015. Deutsche Bank reported a loss of $7 billion. The news just keeps coming with low or negative earnings thanks


This Crash and Recession Indicator Warns: Extreme Danger

When it comes to spotting danger periods for recessions, and especially major crashes, the Boom/Bust Cycle lets us see when stock crashes and recessions are most likely to occur. As