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Bubbles Don’t Correct, They Burst!

I keep going on the media and saying that we’re going to see the greatest bubble burst in modern history, after the greatest bubbles in history have clearly formed… But


The Bubble Burst You Didn’t See Coming

I keep saying that in the next great crash, everything will get swept up in the onslaught – with virtually no exceptions. And that goes too for what we eat!


Global Banks are Dead in the Water

Anyone who doesn’t recognize that we’re facing a serious debt and financial bubble has either been living under a rock, or has retreated into their own fantasy la-la-land to cope


We’ve Reached the Zero Point of Debt Creation

Forty-five years and counting. We’ve been on a debt spree since the early 1970s when we went off the gold standard, covering every possible angle. Trade deficits, government deficits, unfunded

Housing Market

The Global Real Estate Bubble Is OFFICIALY Bursting

It’s official. The global real estate bubble is bursting. After imposing a hefty 26% tax on foreign buyers, and a 12% to 16% surcharge for buyers who flipped their house


If Trump Loses, Expect Civil War

Bernie Sanders may have conceded the democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton last month, but that doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. Which I’ve been saying for months now. Win or lose,

Business Cycle

Harry Dent: You Gotta Have A System

As Adam likes to say: “Investors Suck Wind.” He has studies showing the average investor earns annual gains of 5.2% vs. the 9.9% returned on stocks overall – that’s just

Demographic Trends

Be Nimble or Be Banished to History

I wrote an article back on July 7 called “Bond Bubble to Burst.” It’s an important topic. I’ve been predicting for a long time that 10-year Treasury bond yields could

Foreign Markets

China’s Property Bubble Echoes Subprime Crisis

The menacing fury of economic triggers that began piling up after the Great Recession are only getting larger and we can’t do much but watch it unfold and stay alert.

HARRY DENT: Central Bankers are Driving Us All Into the Dirt

One of the major triggers I’ve been warning about is already happening, even before we understand and/or admit that we are in a recession. Zero Hedge just picked up on