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Damn Lies!

Damn Lies! When will these idiots grow up? And when will they stop treating us like we’re stupid? They stubbornly refuse to admit they’re lying when they claim things like


QE3 Is Coming

The war of words continues as the Fed talks down QE just to see what will happen… but don’t be fooled. I don’t care what form it is, or how


Savers Beware: The Fed is “Robbing” You Blind

A dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. In case you hadn’t already noticed this fact – you never know who lives under a rock these days


The Current Bust Will Create a Middle Class Boom

By Harry S. Dent Jr., Editor of Survive and Prosper It’s a lie. The rich don’t always get richer. Sometimes the average Joe (or Jane) gets a chance to get


Can You Spot the Trend Here?

Even after the last three years of one crisis after the next, Americans still seem hell bent on protecting their current standard of living and their emotional state instead of


Why You Shouldn’t Care Who’s to Blame for Wall Street Greed

Three weeks ago the call went out to those who were angry with the greed and shenanigans of Wall Street. There would be a protest! There would be a rally!


The Movie "Contagion" Should Really be About Greece…

There’s a new movie coming out called “Contagion.” It’s about a disease that travels really fast on the back of our globalized world. As it spreads across the Earth,