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Tell Us How You Really Feel…

In my last Economy & Markets article, I discussed how investors are making potentially dangerous assumptions about policies that may or may not have an impact on the economy and


Put Down Your Phone, the Adults are Talking

Dear John, One of my favorite books is the Tao of Pooh – seriously! Have you heard of it? It teaches the Eastern philosophy of Taoism through the story of


No-Brainer Investments

Phew. Thank goodness the election is finally over. We can now get back to our regularly scheduled lives. This election was a doozie. In the aftermath, pundits have pondered what

Health Care

Premium Healthcare Increases Spell Death for 2017

My tan from my recent trip to Florida has started to fade, but the impressions from several of the great speeches I attended at the Irrational Economic Summit have stayed


You Need a Company That Pays You First

I’m really excited to head to Florida in a couple of weeks. But, I won’t be working on my tan or getting massages at the resort spa I’m staying at!

Interest Rates

You’re Focusing on the Wrong Interest Rate

I am sick of hearing about the Federal Reserve. It’s the Fed this. The Fed that. The Fed, Fed, Fed. It’s amazing to me how talking heads on TV practically


Why We Won 30% Short-Selling GIII Apparel

I’m very superstitious. It’s almost to the point of being a bit off the wall. When it comes to the markets, I rarely trade the same stock twice, especially if


John Del Vecchio’s Stock Pick Trifecta

When I’m on the hunt for an investment opportunity, I want a company that pays ME first! In my last two pieces in Economy & Markets, I talked about the


There’s a Dividend and There’s a Healthy Dividend

A good dividend doesn't weigh you down, not like the anchor chain here to the newest U.S. carrier on the seas, the USS GERALD FORD. The people at Huntington Ingalls

Surviving in a Post-Brexit World

Well, that was a doozy. I woke up a little later than usual on Friday to see that the futures markets were getting creamed, European banks hit multi-decade lows in