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Business Cycle

When It Comes to Retail, the Future Looks Ominous

Lately, retail has been on my mind. When I am traveling or out shopping with my wife (I don’t buy anything but she sure does!) I love to people-watch and

Business Cycle

A Hard Look at the Economy’s Health

The markets were down sharply earlier today thanks in part to oil. A barrel of oil today costs around $32. That’s up slightly from the mid-$20s last month, but still


4 Reasons You Should NOT Buy This Rally

The market appears to be bouncing. Last week my inbox was flooded with investment firms recommending I buy this dip in the market and load up on stocks for the


The U.S. Dollar Will Rise in the Next Crisis

The U.S. dollar is strong – really strong. It’s already become a major headwind for big tech companies that earn a boatload of their profits overseas. For one, a strong


Knockout! Why Big Tech Companies Stand to Lose This Year

Clocks, scales, and meat slicers. IBM sold all kinds of different items when the company started out a century ago. Back then, it looked nothing like the information and consulting


There’s Just Not That Much Reason to Be Positive About Earnings

Earnings season is in full swing. Companies have as much pressure as ever to churn out positive reports even if that’s not what’s reflective in the underlying business. And even


Short Seller: “We Did the Unthinkable…”

Anyone that lived through the 2002 and 2008 bear markets can tell you: nothing quite rattles you like seeing these positions you’ve built up for months, or even years, get


Worried About Earnings Season? Follow This Simple Checklist

The markets are off to a terrible start for the year, and if that isn’t bad enough, earnings season has only just begun – which means they could get much worse. So, in order to guide you through these volatile times, John has put together a simple checklist to help you sort through both the good and bad reports this season.


Don’t Expect Much This Earnings Season!

Earnings season has started. For the next few weeks, the focus of the market will be heightened around these profit releases. Last week I talked about how jobs growth is


Dead Broke: No Jobs, No Savings

Recently, I received a notice from my insurance company regarding the update for my health care policy. For the privilege of renewing my policy, the insurance company upped the premium