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Don’t Be Fooled! The Truth Behind Those Unemployment Figures

Many market observers have acknowledged that the economic recovery since the Great Recession has been tepid at best. Politicians like to point to the declining unemployment rate that tie into


Tread Carefully With Your Money, We Are Almost There!

It’s a commonly held belief that many investors have missed the dramatic move higher that stocks have made since the bottom of 2009. I don’t buy it and statistics from


3 Gales Ripping Across the Market Will Hit U.S. Companies

Aside from the health care headwinds that Rodney was telling you about, there are three gales blowing in the markets in particular. Each one is making it increasingly difficult to


A Bullish Crowd

One area I watch constantly is the sentiment of the market. On an individual basis, many investors can make profitable and timely market calls. And, some do it consistently. However,


Cyclical Bull Market

Markets go in cycles. But it seems like many moons ago since we’ve experienced a significant and sustained dip in equities. This cyclical bull market is quite long in the