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Interest Rates

U.S. Treasury Rates Have Crashed to Historic Lows: Here’s What It Means

The story for the past week or so has been about how the surprise Brexit vote ravaged the world’s financial markets, sending investors running for cover. It might seem a

Central Banks

Markets Fixated On Tomorrow’s Brexit Vote

With only one day separating us from the historic “Brexit” vote on the other side of the pond, the implications remain unclear and the markets are as still as a

Interest Rates

The Odds of A Yellen Rate Hike

I love Las Vegas! While I enjoy playing cards, I don’t really like throwing money away gambling on slots, rolling the dice, or even spinning a roulette wheel. Blackjack is


Stuck in the Doldrums: The Markets Will Not Remain This Calm!

It’s only June 1, and it feels like the dog days of summer have arrived here in Florida. School is mostly out, humidity’s soaring, and we’ve already seen highs in

Interest Rates

June, You’re Up!

For months we’ve been asking: Are the markets too concerned about what the Fed says and what it plans to do, or is the Fed too concerned about the markets?

Central Banks

Central Bank Credibility Takes Another Hit

A few weeks ago, the Fed met and announced their policy decision with no change and no big surprise. No shocker there. But after parsing the statement for changes from


The First Quarter Looks Like a Bust

The first quarter of 2016 looks like a bust. Corporate earnings are expected to be sharply lower and have already started coming in. The game, of course, is to lower

Purchasing Power

The Financial Health of U.S. Consumers Is Tepid at Best

The U.S. economy has added millions of jobs since the financial crisis of 2008. The Fed has added trillions of dollars to their balance sheet and kept rates at or

Interest Rates

The Fed Thinks It Can Raise Rates With All This Going On!?

You’d think with all the geopolitical crises and a weak world economy that market fear and volatility would be high. Instead, over the last month or so, we’ve seen a

Interest Rates

This Game’s Almost Over: Central Banks Are Running Out Of Options

Central banks around the world are running out of policy options to spur economic growth, which was further proven last week by the Fed’s decision to not raise interest rates this quarter.