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The Japanese Economic Twilight Zone

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. As I learned in my MBA studies in the early 1990s, the sun was setting on the U.S. as a global economic power,

Central Banks

The End of Truth

I’m tired, both mentally and physically. We just finished our three-day Irrational Economic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, and the event ran at breakneck speed. From Harry’s opening comments to


I’ll Have Answers at IES… and a Few Questions

Years ago I saw a feel-good movie called Blast from the Past. In it, Brendan Fraser’s character was raised by his parents, Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek, in a bomb

Purchasing Power

What Declining Earnings Continue to Tell Us

‘Tis the season. Earnings season, that is, and I don’t think we’re getting any presents. This week Alcoa kicked off the third-quarter earnings announcement season. The next couple of weeks


You’re Stuck with the Middleman, Like it or Not

I own five cars, which feels like too many. They aren’t the fun ones, like sports cars and “mudders,” but they do run the gamut from a zippy little sedan


Income was Too Good to be True

The Census Bureau reported that median income jumped 5.2% last year. As I pointed out last week, that’s a solid increase, but still leaves us short of the record in


Still Can’t Party Like it’s 1999

I came of age in the early ’80s, when Prince was king of the airwaves (pun intended). His smash hit “1999” had an end-of-days feel to it, asking everyone to


One Failed College, Two Big Lessons

I’ve always been fascinated by daytime television. It’s not the soap operas and Judge Whomever shows that captivate me, it’s the ads. To judge by what people are selling, there


The Workforce is Its Own Form of Education

I lied to get my first job. The minimum required age was 15, and I was only 13. Luckily, I was 5’ 10” at the time, so I could pass

Health Care

Killing Us with Healthcare

I’ve never heard anyone brag about what they spend for a medical procedure. Healthcare isn’t like housing or transportation. People are proud to shell out big bucks for a big