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Using the House to Pay for Grandma

I’ve always got the nagging feeling that I’m not saving enough for retirement. Maybe because I don’t even know how much constitutes “enough.” I know most Americans are in the


What Changed in 2016… and What Didn’t

I try to stay away from financial news on the television. All that yelling and hype makes me tired, and I realize later that it was mostly meaningless. I know


I’m Happy the Gift of Change Came Early

This time of year, my little neighborhood becomes an obstacle course. I live on an island (it’s not as exotic as it sounds, but still pretty cool), with about 1,000


Bringing Home the Bucks Won’t Solve Many Problems

Apple has a lot of cash. At last count, the company’s horde had grown to a record $237 billion. But, as we all know, almost half of that supply is


Taking a Closer Look at the Latest Employment Numbers

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy created 178,000 jobs – with 156,000 in the private sector and 22,000 in government – which is right

Foreign Markets

China’s Economic Imperialism Could Spell Trouble

In 2007, a Chinese company bought Mount Toromocho in Peru. That’s right. A mountain, in another country. It’s more than half the height of Mount Everest, but aesthetic beauty wasn’t

Demographic Trends

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Regret Missing Personal Time

This month I received a jolt to my system, and I’m not talking about the election. The day before voters elected Donald Trump the next president, my brother died of


Voting for Trump in Spite of Who He Is

It’s hard to keep up with all the labels. According to the mainstream media, anyone who voted for Donald Trump is a hate-filled bigot who objectifies women, can’t stand immigrants,


No One is Talking About Our Debt, Of Course

I’m beaten down. Worn out. Punch drunk. I’m not moonlighting as a cage fighter. I’m a registered voter in a swing state. For those of you who don’t live in


The Japanese Economic Twilight Zone

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. As I learned in my MBA studies in the early 1990s, the sun was setting on the U.S. as a global economic power,