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Squatters Blow Mortgage Money on iGadgets

Bank of America has come up with an exciting new plan to turn non-paying home owners into upstanding renters. OK, that’s a bit sarcastic, but it is true… and along


Watch Out for This Screaming Failure

Raise your hand if you love bureaucracy and red tape. Yeah… that’s what I thought. And that right there is another reason several major banks in this country are dead


Is This Degree Worth It?

When I came out of undergrad in the late ’80s Wall Street was in turmoil. Black Monday wreaked havoc on firms across the nation and it appeared we were headed


Don’t Go Down With Your Pension Fund

“You’ve all just made the biggest mistake of your lives.” “You’re gonna die on this plane. It’s gonna crash.” “The company is bankrupt and this plane is going down with


Enslaving Our Smartest Kids is NOT a Boon to the Economy

Lying with statistics is a favorite government pastime and the recent consumer credit report is one of the biggest lies yet. According to the Fed, the amount of consumer credit


Urgent Message From Japan: Sell the Yen

Last year was tough for the Japanese. During the spring, they survived the horrific tsunami and ensuing nuclear disaster. They were forced to close 50 out of 54 nuclear plants.


The Trouble with Gold

My accountant and I have an ongoing argument. He tells me that gold is money. I point out that gold is NOT money… at least, not today. I understand that


What Iceland Can Teach Us About Investing

I can’t move to Iceland because, frankly, I’m not much of fish fan. And the whole idea of pickling almost everything makes my skin crawl. Also, my wife loves the


Think the Foreclosure Story is Old News? Think Again!

Over a year ago, a co-worker told us how she had caught neighborhood boys climbing into the second story window of the house next door. She confronted the group of


How to Take Advantage of This Market Gift

So, your country is running at 100% debt-to-GDP. Your fearless leader has just proposed another 7% more debt on top of that. Your middle class is shrinking. Taxpayers are in