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Urgent Message From Japan: Sell the Yen

Last year was tough for the Japanese. During the spring, they survived the horrific tsunami and ensuing nuclear disaster. They were forced to close 50 out of 54 nuclear plants.


The Trouble with Gold

My accountant and I have an ongoing argument. He tells me that gold is money. I point out that gold is NOT money… at least, not today. I understand that


What Iceland Can Teach Us About Investing

I can’t move to Iceland because, frankly, I’m not much of fish fan. And the whole idea of pickling almost everything makes my skin crawl. Also, my wife loves the


Think the Foreclosure Story is Old News? Think Again!

Over a year ago, a co-worker told us how she had caught neighborhood boys climbing into the second story window of the house next door. She confronted the group of


How to Take Advantage of This Market Gift

So, your country is running at 100% debt-to-GDP. Your fearless leader has just proposed another 7% more debt on top of that. Your middle class is shrinking. Taxpayers are in


The Best Place to Find Income

The best place to find income is… Where few are looking. And right now, few are looking at municipal bonds. That’s not surprising. After all, who would want to buy


The Greek (Non) Deal Will Lead to a Big Payday

I recently read an article in the New York Times Magazine that outlined life in modern day Greece. It detailed the hardships ordinary citizens face. How they have reverted to