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The Best Place to Be When the Worst Happens

Harry Dent | Friday, January 4, 2013 >> Readers, audience members, reporters, hosts, even family members, often ask me: “Is there anywhere in the world where the economic downturn won’t

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The Best Predictive Insights Come From… Walking through History

Harry Dent | Wednesday, January 2, 2013 >> I love history. It was one of my favorite subjects in college. After college I breezed through a 20 encyclopedia-like series called

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Get Out of the Fool’s Game

Rodney Johnson | Tuesday, January 1, 2013 >> Buy the Iraqi Dinar. Right now. You will make a 10,000% return. I promise. Okay, okay. Strike that last part. As a

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Demography is Destiny

I started my career as a consultant at Bain and Company, helping large Fortune 100 companies reverse market share losses resulting from new technologies and innovations. When I grew tired

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Why Humans Are So Successful…

I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel recently. This scientist guy had a school of chimpanzees, the second most intelligent animal on Earth. He put a banana inside

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The Value of Christmas

I’m one of “those people.” I travel with the family every year on Thanksgiving and the day after I am playing Christmas music in the car. The kids, who have

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What a Fiscally Responsible Stimulus Program Looks Like

Harry S. Dent | Monday, December 17, 2012 >> Enough now! It’s time to get real. Here’s what we need done to get this once-great country back on track:  

Social Security

Were you looking to collect Social Security Benefits?

Rodney Johnson | Friday, December 14, 2012 >> There’s a lot of talk about Social Security benefits right now. The long run debt and annual deficits are finally big enough

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Why a Tax Hike on the Top 2% Will Hurt Us All

The fiscal cliff continues to loom ever nearer while the powers-that-be battle over the best way to save us. Scratch that. They’re not interested in finding the best way to

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Economists Just Don’t Grasp the Power of Demographics

I had a debate recently on Maria Bartiroma’s “Closing Bell” show with Ron Insana. He’s a major contributor to CNBC. I’ve watched Ron over the years and I like him.