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Health Care

Premium Healthcare Increases Spell Death for 2017

My tan from my recent trip to Florida has started to fade, but the impressions from several of the great speeches I attended at the Irrational Economic Summit have stayed

Purchasing Power

What Declining Earnings Continue to Tell Us

‘Tis the season. Earnings season, that is, and I don’t think we’re getting any presents. This week Alcoa kicked off the third-quarter earnings announcement season. The next couple of weeks


One Failed College, Two Big Lessons

I’ve always been fascinated by daytime television. It’s not the soap operas and Judge Whomever shows that captivate me, it’s the ads. To judge by what people are selling, there


Retirement: You Won’t Enjoy It If You’re Broke

I walked to work today. Granted, the weather was nice and it was only about a mile and a half, so it wasn’t any major accomplishment. But for someone whose

Health Care

Killing Us with Healthcare

I’ve never heard anyone brag about what they spend for a medical procedure. Healthcare isn’t like housing or transportation. People are proud to shell out big bucks for a big

Life Cycle

Female Professionals are Changing Consumer Spending

I recently dropped off my youngest at college for her freshman year. She’s finally free of the prison rules of high school, and can explore life as a young adult.

Demographic Trends

Be Nimble or Be Banished to History

I wrote an article back on July 7 called “Bond Bubble to Burst.” It’s an important topic. I’ve been predicting for a long time that 10-year Treasury bond yields could


Nobody Wants a Stupid Kid – Here’s How to Start a Proper College Fund

Nothing – and I mean nothing – will change your life as dramatically as the birth of your first child. It’s a wonderful moment and one that I hope everyone
Purchasing Power

Here’s What You Missed This Week On Economy And Markets

I just can’t help but shake my head at yet another unfounded moment in the equities market. Almost every day this week,  stocks reached new highs… when will the madness

Demographic Trends

More Kids Now Living At Home Since The Great Depression

More Kids Now Live At Home Than Since The Great Depression We all know the situation in the markets is dire. Like, really, everyone knows. There’s an old phrase from