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“You Are Entitled to Nothing” – Frank Underwood Is Bang on the Money

He may be a murderous bastard with no conscience, but if Frank Underwood were a real-life candidate for the presidency, I would vote for him. Frank is not a real


Retirement, Savings, Life Expectancy…The Numbers Don’t Add Up

The Society of Actuaries should have bumper stickers. They could say things like, “I’ve Got Your Number,” or “Who’s Counting?” or some other pithy remark. The point is, I don’t


The Jimmy Buffett Approach to Pensions and Fiscal Policy

In South Florida there is a constant background theme of everything Jimmy Buffett. His music emanates from stores and restaurants while land shark and parrot-head references abound. This doesn’t bother


Unretirement is Unrealistic for Boomers and the Next Generation

I was reading the paper recently when I happened upon a review of the book, Unretirement (Bloomsbury Press, 2014) by Chris Farrell. The premise of the book is that boomers


Where the Markets and Economy are Heading

There’s no substitute for looking someone in the eye as you tell them what lies ahead for the markets and economy, which is why we developed our one-day seminar series,


The Solution: Eat People?

Recently, I drove to Venice, Florida to pick up my daughter’s friend. We chose a McDonald’s off the interstate as the meeting place, because it was convenient and had a