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Central Banks

Finding Creative Ways to Repay Outstanding Government Debt

Rodney Johnson | Thursday, April 10, 2014 >> I was in California on business and joined a friend and his group for dinner last year. The talk turned to politics

Central Banks

The Only People We Want to Hear Are Saying Nothing at All

  We live in a scripted society. Few people say what they really mean, particularly in business, so if you listen to them and respond, the whole conversation goes spinning

Central Banks

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

That’s the saying I hear attributed to the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented stimulus program and its effect on equities. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Well, more than 80% of S&P

Central Banks

Hating the Fed

So the Fed has tapered again. What does it mean? Who knows…? At the December 2013 Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting, the group decided two very important things. First,

Central Banks

When is $10 Billion NOT a Big Number?

  There’s an old joke about how to become a millionaire. Start with $2 million and then lose $1 million. The joke is all about perspective, which is exactly what’s

Central Banks

This is the Worst Trade Off – Ever

I was just watching a financial news show where the issue of the day was why the government’s fiscal policies are at odds with the Fed’s monetary policies. The Fed