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Trump’s Magic Wand: I Simply Don’t Buy It!

As Trump is inaugurated today, it seems most people are feeling better about the economy. Even a more liberal analyst said yesterday in an interview that he thought Trump should


Job Creation Could Fall off a Cliff in the Months Ahead

Let’s do a quick thought experiment… Imagine you’ve got two people in the workforce. Let’s say one is 40 and the other 65. When both are gainfully employed, the unemployment

Central Banks

Is the Bond Rout Over?

While the Trump-fueled rally continues, the Fed’s been keeping a relatively low profile lately. Maybe it’s the New Year or maybe it’s just analyzing the incoming data to determine whether


The Tipping Economy

In this, my 50th year on the planet, I’m officially becoming a cranky old man. As I sat in the Atlanta airport recently on a layover, I decided to grab


Trumponomics: Shame is the Game

The mainstream media has branded our President-Elect’s economic policies as “Trumponomics.” They have focused on trying to understand who the winners and losers are going to be under this new


2017 Outlook: A Volatile Year from All Angles

Where to now… after what 2016 dished out? First, there was the surprise upset of the presidential election of dear old Donald. Then came the surprise shift in sentiment about


What Changed in 2016… and What Didn’t

I try to stay away from financial news on the television. All that yelling and hype makes me tired, and I realize later that it was mostly meaningless. I know


With What We Saw in the Tech Space in 2016… 2017 Should Be Mind Blowing

It’s that time of year, when we stop to reflect on what 2016 had to offer. You’ll most likely being seeing a lot of this kind of review in the


Merry Christmas… in Likely the Last Good Year for Many to Come

It’s the day after Christmas, so I’ll keep this short… I wish I could say it’s a good thing that central banks have kept this third and final bubble going


I’m Happy the Gift of Change Came Early

This time of year, my little neighborhood becomes an obstacle course. I live on an island (it’s not as exotic as it sounds, but still pretty cool), with about 1,000