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Taking a Closer Look at the Latest Employment Numbers

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy created 178,000 jobs – with 156,000 in the private sector and 22,000 in government – which is right

Central Banks

Who’s On Deck at the Fed?

You may remember that in early September I wrote about the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) – basically, the Fed officials who vote on monetary and interest rate policies, which


Our Shopping Habits Say Something About Us

Thanksgiving is officially in our rearview mirror, and all I have to show for it is about five more pounds on the scale and a new belt loop going in


Life’s Too Short to Lose Your Head in a Walmart Parking Lot at 3 A.M.

I like saving money. A lot. In fact, I’m a cheapskate and actually take pride in my stinginess. But you won’t see me fighting the crowds on Black Friday. Not


Who Wins and Who Loses in a Global Trade War?

My research in recent months has focused increasingly on how the surprise Brexit vote and Trump’s victory are actually not that surprising after all. They’re a clear sign of a


Voting for Trump in Spite of Who He Is

It’s hard to keep up with all the labels. According to the mainstream media, anyone who voted for Donald Trump is a hate-filled bigot who objectifies women, can’t stand immigrants,


Investor Sentiment: Your Politics Can Affect Your Portfolio

Enough has already been written about the presidential election of 2016. While historians are likely to debate its significance for decades to come, most of the rest of us are


What 2016’s Two Biggest Events Are Ultimately About…

Like Brexit, Trump staged a surprising win last night, proving every poll wrong. This is a sign of an underlying trend more massive than the winter economic season that began


No One is Talking About Our Debt, Of Course

I’m beaten down. Worn out. Punch drunk. I’m not moonlighting as a cage fighter. I’m a registered voter in a swing state. For those of you who don’t live in


Happy Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason. Should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ’twas his