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Foreign Markets

Expect to See More Irish Bars

  I used to go to Jazz Fest in New Orleans every year with a group of old friends. We’d all gone to high school in the area, and then

Foreign Markets

Say “Nein” to German Shares

Contrarians know well that commonly-held misconceptions can be the source of investment profits. Simply catch an overwhelming majority of investors leaning too far in one direction — and pinpoint the

Foreign Markets

The German Paradox: Solid Citizens… Treacherous Demographics

Remember when the Japanese seemed to be so hard-working and thrifty… leading in manufacturing prowess, taking market share from us in older industries and buying a lot of our real

Foreign Markets

Where the Best Incomes and Demographic Trends Are in Europe

Where are the best incomes and demographic trends in Europe? In two words: Scandinavian countries. We constantly hear that the Scandinavian countries are the most socialistic in the traditional part

Foreign Markets

Puerto Rican Debt Creates an Opportunity

Rodney Johnson | Friday, November 01, 2013 >> I never understood Puerto Rico. The island-state is a U.S. territory, so we provide all security and handle all trade issues for