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Now the Real Voting Begins

Well, the people have spoken. On January 20, 2017, Mr. Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. California wasted no time


No-Brainer Investments

Phew. Thank goodness the election is finally over. We can now get back to our regularly scheduled lives. This election was a doozie. In the aftermath, pundits have pondered what


Harnessing Fully Limited Risk

Last week, I explained two of the factors that drive the success of my research and trading service, Cycle 9 Alert. To recap, those are… We win more often than


We Were Born in a Bar

Two hundred and forty-one years ago today, the world’s premier fighting force had its first two battalions commissioned for service by the Second Continental Congress. The United States Marine Corps


Balancing the Tightrope of Risk and Return

My wife is generally a play-it-safe type of person. One of my favorite stories she tells is of when she was around five years old. Her parents took her on


A Tangled Web of Cyber Attacks

If you had any issues browsing some of your favorite websites last week you weren’t alone! Access to Amazon, Twitter, PayPal and Spotify, just to name a few, was totally


To Beat the Market, You Need a Winning Strategy

Long-time readers should know by now that I LOVE investment systems. The benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy are many. For one, it removes the emotional component

Interest Rates

Thanks for the Favor, Fed

Everybody and their brother curses the Fed, with good reason. They’ve essentially taken the “free” out of free markets – and there’s nothing that makes us, as investors, more uncertain

Housing Market

China’s Orgasmic Real Estate Bubble

No question about it. China definitely takes the cake when it comes to bubble creation. The government encouraged everyday people to speculate in stocks in late 2014 and 2015 to


Nursebots: The Future of Healthcare

My lovely wife is contributing to one of the greatest supply and demand problems of our time – and doesn’t even know it. Let me explain before I get in