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Stop Reading the News!

I used to work for a hedge fund manager who was obsessed with reading news on his Bloomberg terminal. He’d brag about reading “hundreds” of news stories before anybody else


Do You Own the Worst Stock in the Market?

Great companies can be bad stocks. Now, that sounds like a neat, pithy phrase to throw around (feel free to borrow it!), but it can be a lot more nuanced

Interest Rates

I’ve Got My List and I’m Sticking To It

As I write this, the markets are still near all-time highs and long-term Treasury rates sit at just under 3%. Because the Fed seems to have met its dual mandate


Chinese Stocks Beating U.S. Stocks in 2017

As I told my Cycle 9 Alert readers yesterday, Trump has long talked tough on China, calling it a currency manipulator and blaming it for manufacturing job losses in the

Housing Market

The $1 Billion Bargain

The coolest house I ever saw wasn’t a house. It’s Antilia… a 27-story skyscraper in Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani, chairman of the second-largest oil and gas company in India, Reliance Industries,


If I Were To Start My Third Hedge Fund…

As the great New York Yankee Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” That’s the way I feel about the markets. I started my first hedge


Drawdowns: “Active” versus “Passive”

December 13, 2016, was a historic day. The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) closed above $120 for the first time in almost 17 years! That’s right… anyone who bought the Nasdaq in


What Do You Do With Dividends?

Income investing is a big part of what I do. It’s rare for me to buy a stock that doesn’t pay a respectable dividend, and I have an entire newsletter

Interest Rates

Are You Listening?

The past week was full of Federal Reserve speeches, which, yeah, I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you tuned them out completely. But I listen to what they say,


Home-Country Bias Part II

Last week, I introduced you to the concept of  home-country bias – a phenomenon that routinely leads investors to over-allocate to domestic stocks. Americans prefer to invest in U.S. stocks