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Housing Market

Canada, Up Next for a Housing Bubble

It’s human nature to generalize. That’s our coping mechanism. We simply can’t process the overwhelming amount of data we’re bombarded with. Sometimes this serves us well. But other times it


How Sector Cycles Drive the Market Cycles

Adam O’Dell | Monday, October 29, 2012 >> If there is a single word I’m forbidden to utter when I’m at a party with my fiancée, that word is “cycle.”

Housing Market

The Decline in Australia Property Value

At this point the euro zone crisis is a well-bludgeoned, departed equine that doesn’t deserve a lot of ink. However, the knock-on effects just keep on coming and one of


Who Loves Bernanke More: Gold – GLD or Stocks – SPY?

Ben Bernanke’s mouth spurred stocks higher. But it also sent gold straight up. While S&P 500 futures were up about 0.75% on the day, gold futures were up nearly three


Retail: Luxury Brands Vs. Discount Brands

While consumers of “average” means began cutting back over four years ago, most of the wealthiest consumers have continued to spend. This split in spending patterns created a bifurcated retail


When it Comes to Commodity Prices… Don’t Confuse Weather and Climate

There’s a raging argument about global warming. I’m not getting involved. Not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I am not informed enough to be very confident in


A Sign of the Times

Will 2009 go down in history as the year we started fixing our own cars? A look at AutoZone Inc. (NYSE: AZO), the do-it-yourself auto parts store, is an interesting


The Movie "Contagion" Should Really be About Greece…

There’s a new movie coming out called “Contagion.” It’s about a disease that travels really fast on the back of our globalized world. As it spreads across the Earth,