At This Rate, Japan Will Fade From Existence

Japan has adopted negative interest rates as the latest effort to revitalize its dying economy.

But the country has been falling down the demographic cliff after its baby boom ignited a surge of spending in the 1980s.

Look at Japan’s Spending Wave. This shows a 47-year lag from birth to peak spending:

Japan's Spending Wave

Japan’s pre-World World II baby boom peaked in spending in 1989 at the height of the country’s economic prowess. The last of its baby boom peaked in spending in late 1996. It’s been in a coma economy ever since. And unfortunately, it only gets worse overtime.

While it’s hitting Japan hardest right now, this is a demographic reality all developed nations must face. And right now it’s a problem with no solution.

The Global Banking Crisis 2.0

With countries all over the world – including the U.S. – trillions of dollars in debt, there is a significant crisis on our hands, that may be worse than you’re led to believe.

As bad as it is on the government level, banks all over the globe are suffering, just as much… if not worse!

Global bank loans are performing at levels like we’ve never seen before…and bank stocks are plummeting to scary levels.

Just how bad is it? Check out our latest infographic: The Global Banking Crisis 2.0


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