The Nifty Sale

Targeting markets with the best growth prospects is only half the battle. The other half involves finding investments trading at a “good price.”

So, investors searching for opportunities exclusively in the U.S. markets find they’re “fighting” on two fronts. Economic growth in the United States will be muted for years to come. And the U.S. stock market is certainly not offering bargain basement prices.

Readers on the hunt for stocks at cheap prices are always asking me, “When will stocks go on sale!?” They’re looking to buy in at a 20-30% discount.

I say, that day will come in the U.S…. but the opportunity exists in India, today.

After peaking in November 2010, India’s Nifty Index fell lower for most of 2011. It dropped 18%, while the S&P500 went 16% higher.

Here’s a daily chart on the iShares India Nifty 50 Index ETF (Nasdaq: INDY)…


See larger image

As you can see, INDY made a V-shaped recovery at the beginning of this year. It’s now trading at an important zone of support – the $22 to $23 range. Just look at how many times this price area has acted as support.

With India trading at an 18% to 34% discount to the S&P500, investors looking for good value in a high-growth market should be looking at India.

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