A Triple Double for Boom & Bust Subscribers

I’ve added six positions to the Boom and Bust portfolios so far this year. Already, three of them have handed us double-digit percentage gains.

I won’t spoil it for our paid-up subscribers… so you won’t find the ticker symbols for our winning picks here. But take a look at how we’re doing in 2012. The colored bars show the days we’ve been long (green) or short (red) the investment…

This little-known niche of the healthcare sector will continue to enjoy explosive demand as Baby Boomers age. Boom & Bust subscribers are already up more than 11%… just since May.

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One of our short positions is profiting from the decline of a developed nation. We spotted this macroeconomic trend thanks in part to our proprietary demographics research. It’s helped us gain more than 11% since late February.

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And our commodity-driven play capitalizes on growing global demand for food and cheap natural gas prices. We’re up more than 10% since we added this one in early February.

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As you can see, we’re finding ways to help Boom & Bust susbscribers profit from the booms and the busts. With the “Buy and Hold” game long over… there’s no other way.

If you haven’t done so already read the Survive & Prosper issue on “So Far, My Economic Forecasting is backed by Evidence”.



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