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The Economy’s Ebb and Flow

Paul Krugman recently wrote an op-ed in The New York Times about the exit of Bill Gross from Pimco and why that happened because he didn’t understand that we’re in

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Creates a Pattern

The overarching pattern in stocks that I have been following for years is called a megaphone pattern. This is simply a series of higher highs and lower lows. The S&P

Commodity Cycle

The Dollar’s Crucial Role in the Commodity Cycle

The U.S. dollar is falling and it’ll ultimately crash and go down to near zero. Not true… that’s what the gold bugs keep harping on but it’s not true. This

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Showing Strong Signals

We just saw the first serious correction of 9.9% in two and a half years that at least started to break the most serious uptrend levels on the downside when

U.S. Real Estate

Critical Mass for San Fran Housing Market

The website, zerohedge.com, recently reported on an interesting indicator that makes perfect sense, but it’s one that I hadn’t seen before. They reported that the San Francisco Case-Shiller year-over-year home


Depression and the Economy of a Country

My father worked in politics with many great leaders. I also had the opportunity to speak, and work with many great communicators and entrepreneurs. It’s appropriate for most people to


China and India Changing the Global Marketplace

China is looking at investing in infrastructure in India. That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. China has overinvested — like 12 to 15 years of future


What Deleveraging?

The best way to delever is to immediately pay off any existing debt, right? So, how can the global economy do that? There’s a great new study out from Geneva

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Shows Warning Signs

The best analogy I’ve heard for bubbles and why they ultimately burst is the example of dropping grains of sand that build a mound. It gets steeper and steeper until

Demographic Trends

What 2014 Demographic Trends Show About Urban Life

Demographic trends clearly show that as any emerging or more developed country urbanizes, people tend to have fewer kids. Urban life costs more and people tend to be more highly