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This is Bad News for U.S. Economy and Markets

Volatile markets are shaking the U.S. economy and geopolitical conflicts are intensifying. This is bad news. Iraq is falling into civil war, like Syria did after the Arab Spring across


Their Economy Will Collapse, Including Ours

Central bankers think they can keep their economy going by artificial stimulus until they hit escape velocity and grow at normal rates again — but they’re wrong. Here at Dent


U.S. Economy and Markets: From 2014 to 2036

Between now and 2019, our economy and markets will face the perfect storm. At the same time, the next technology revolution is brewing, so we can expect to see booming


Wars Make Our Economy and Markets Richer!

We live in an economy of historical cycles. Historical events have a way of determining the state of our economy and markets, which more than often results in innovation and


Stock Market Crash… Economic Collapse

You can’t deny an economic collapse. We are about to see the greatest stock crash of our lifetimes I recently read a good article in Barron’s by Randall W. Forsyth


An Economy That’s Heavily Medicated

You know what the problem with this economy is? It has a lot to do with success and how it breeds complacency. Think about it… Frank Whittle submitted his complete

U.S. Real Estate

Housing Market: In the Top 10?

We had a major auto and housing market boom when baby boomers began to advance in their careers in the ’80s — they were more focused on starter homes, not


U.S. Dollar Chart: Clueless About Currency Markets

Understanding currency markets means dismissing the U.S. dollar chart. Since the invention of the microchip in 1971, it has multiplied by the trillions, creating more chips per person and a


Our Economy is Not a Machine

We have a very different view of what actually drives our economy, as people who follow our books and newsletter know. We believe new generations, doing predictable things as they


U.S. Economy: From 1776 to 2014

July 4 was our Declaration of Independence from Britain… the true birth of our country, which is now the largest and most powerful economy in the world… but it is