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What Deleveraging?

The best way to delever is to immediately pay off any existing debt, right? So, how can the global economy do that? There’s a great new study out from Geneva

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Shows Warning Signs

The best analogy I’ve heard for bubbles and why they ultimately burst is the example of dropping grains of sand that build a mound. It gets steeper and steeper until

Demographic Trends

What 2014 Demographic Trends Show About Urban Life

Demographic trends clearly show that as any emerging or more developed country urbanizes, people tend to have fewer kids. Urban life costs more and people tend to be more highly

Business Cycle

Geopolitical Cycle is Revving Up for Decline

It was late 2005 when I realized that the bubble I had predicted three years earlier just wasn’t expanding the way I thought it would. It was an unexpected development,


What Cycles Reveal About Stocks and Crashes

You can’t compare favorable geopolitical cycles (such as the 1983 to 2000) to unfavorable cycles (2001 to 2019). It’s like comparing apples to oranges. A case in point is comparing

Housing Market

The Yuan and the Global Housing Market

China’s wealthy sector is looking for new countries in which to settle with their families and with their money. This emigration is the leading factor in the sky-high real estate prices


Scottish Economy on the Rocks

Tomorrow, Scottish voters will determine if they separate from the United Kingdom. If the “yes” sweeps, it’ll reverse a union dating back to 1707. Few pundits are making positive comments

Demographic Trends

Promising Demographic Trends

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, focusing on the demographic trends that impact our economy and markets — not the corporate consultant and manager I was trained to be. I started

Housing Market

The 2009 Housing Market Soirée

The goal of then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke was clear: ride the ship of the mortgage market, and therefore the housing market, by vacuuming large chunks of mortgage-backed bonds out

Housing Market

Housing Market: Kids Sold Separately

This is what’s not happening in the housing market: young people buying homes — even though there are falling mortgage costs and rising rents. According to a recent Zillow press