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Scottish Economy on the Rocks

Tomorrow, Scottish voters will determine if they separate from the United Kingdom. If the “yes” sweeps, it’ll reverse a union dating back to 1707. Few pundits are making positive comments

Demographic Trends

Promising Demographic Trends

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, focusing on the demographic trends that impact our economy and markets — not the corporate consultant and manager I was trained to be. I started

Housing Market

The 2009 Housing Market Soirée

The goal of then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke was clear: ride the ship of the mortgage market, and therefore the housing market, by vacuuming large chunks of mortgage-backed bonds out

Housing Market

Housing Market: Kids Sold Separately

This is what’s not happening in the housing market: young people buying homes — even though there are falling mortgage costs and rising rents. According to a recent Zillow press


Innovation Plus Curves Equals Magic

One of the best-selling books that talks about innovation, “that magic moment,” has been Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. I applaud this book for its breakthrough insights and simplicity, and


The Global Economy is Watching ISIS

The biggest news topic in our global economy now centers on the growing threat from ISIS. They are well-funded, well-organized and brutal. Their on-the-ground army in Iraq and Syria and


EKGs, Heart Attacks, and Cycles

My two earliest areas of both interest and expertise were 1) in business strategy consulting and 2) in cycles. The more I studied and worked in business planning and strategy,


Cycles Have a History, You Should Read About It

Last year, I was reading a sidebar in Barron’s where ex-fund manager and PIMCO director Paul McCulley was talking about a stock market peak later that year… at the same


Their Economy is on the Edge

There has been endless talk by pundits about Europe finally recovering into a sustainable economy… and we said “bunk” from the very beginning. We’ve also stressed how Germany will experience


A Dodgy Housing Market

The U.K. has been perhaps the hottest housing market in the developed world this year, and London’s housing market is even hotter, as I reported in “London has Gone Bonkers”