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To Roth or Not to Roth? That Is the Tax-Planning Question

With the tax-filing deadline tomorrow, you’ve likely already filed your income taxes for 2017. Hopefully you planned well and you have a nice refund...

Is Inflation Finally Moving Higher?

Stock market volatility was front and center last week, mainly because of President Trump’s proposed...

Tariffs Won’t Kill the Market; The Fed Will

"Always tell the truth." In addition to being number eight on the Top 10 list of...

Mixed Messages

Two weeks ago, the Federal Reserve decided to hike rates again. This was no surprise. What...

The Risks Are Still Present. So Are the Profits.

There’s an old market axiom that goes something like this: You can’t go broke taking...

A CMT’s Technical Take on Facebook

Everyone’s got an opinion about Facebook these days. And as Mark Zuckerberg spent two days chatting...

The S&P 500 Number to Watch Near Term for Clues

On Tuesday, Rodney talked to his Triple Play Strategy subscribers about the extreme volatility we’re...