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Dow 30,000 or Dow 6,000?

The Trump rally into January 2018 looked like the classic final blow-off top. It had been advancing in a clear channel, then it broke above...

Wages Are (Finally) Blowing Up

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21. But we’re more than a week beyond Labor...

Finding the Truth by Looking at the Facts

The truth is… I can’t stand sentences that start with that. Typically, the author or speaker is...

Generation Z: The Rise of the Technologically Inclined and the Socially Impaired (Part I)

When I was a kid, my friends and I would clean out the pantry of...

The Emerging Countries to Bank On… And the Ones to Avoid

Just saw a chart with the second quarter GDP results for the fastest growing countries...

Aston Martin’s $6.5 Billion IPO: Good Timing for Who Exactly?

Aston Martin is riding Ferrari’s bumper with its proposed IPO launch that values the company...


According to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, the U.S. economy is doing just fine. And, because...

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