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A stock market crash is inevitable
can't print money out of thin air

The Winners in Inflation

Last week, in a Chart-of-the-Day piece, I wrote about the impact rising interest rates could have on stocks. There’s a strongly-held belief that higher interest...

Chart of the Day: When Will Higher Rates Kill Stocks?

Interest rates have to go higher. Almost everyone knows that. But the real question on everyone’s mind...

Two New Leading Indicators

There are two trends that go counter to the go-go forecasts from recent tax cuts...

Could Gold’s Day in the Sun Be Upon Us?

After last week’s market shake up, the questions of “what happened” and “what next” is...

Energy Companies Tank

When college economics professors want to explain how supply-and-demand affects prices, an easy lesson is...

What the @#$! Just Happened?!

We’re only about five weeks into the year and one of my 2018 predictions is...

Gold’s Day in the Sun?

I usually warn against reading too much into the financial media’s (backward-looking) explanation of a...