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Taxes, Government Waste, and a Better Way

This is an expensive week for me. Our wedding anniversary is the 14th, Tax Day is the 15th, and my youngest child’s birthday falls...

Be Ready for the Populist Backlash

I love the Brits. At one time, the plucky people across the pond controlled most of...

Will the US-China Trade Deal Disappoint?

The markets continued to creep up on Friday morning, anticipating the finalization of the U.S.-China...

Stephen Moore: The Fed’s New Bucking Bull

Last weekend I went to a local rodeo with my wife and parents. Before the teen...

Home Prices’ Rapid Decline Warns of Recession Ahead

I’m heading back to Australia for a six-city tour – Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney,...

Bitcoin’s Surge Proves It’s a Bad Currency

If you went to the store two days in a row and all the prices...

Stock Buybacks: Worst Mistake Ever

A lot’s driving this bubble we’ve been in since 2009, but good fundamental trends and...

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