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The Wrong People Are Having All the Sex

We’re definitely not short of sex scandals lately. Think Stormy Daniels and President Trump. Or Missouri’s governor, Eric Greitens, and his hairdresser. Or NBC’s Matt Lauer. Or all...

Japan’s Monumental QE Has Done NOTHING for Its Inflation or Growth

The biggest debates I have are with gold bugs. They believe endless money printing will...

Top 20 Small Towns Home to Millionaires

I came across some interesting data recently… If you’re thinking of retiring or moving to a smaller...

Even Steve Ballmer Says There’s No Way in Hell

Former Microsoft CEO, and Founder of the nonprofit USAFacts (, Steve Ballmer, was on CNBC...

Why We’re Headed Toward Oil Independence

Almost two years ago, the Saudis acknowledged they had a problem. The price of oil...

This Bubble Is All About Supply, Not Demand

I recently emailed you about how this latest real estate bubble looks just like the...

The Problem With Lending Tesla Money

Bonds are an interesting financial animal. With stocks, investors become part owners of a company, albeit...