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We’re on Shaky Economic Ground

I don’t really need to tell anyone that stock volatility has been off the charts. While they have moved lower over the past few...

Good Riddance to the Tesla Tax Break

As I’ve written before, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) has many problems, including quality control (it now...

5 Crazy Possibilities for 2019

It could happen. That’s a common phrase that every parent hears, and even sometimes utters,...

The Devastating Global Debt Trend

It’s no secret that our Federal debt has more than doubled since the onset of...

Puerto Rico Debt Teaches Us An Investment Lesson

It takes two and a half hours to fly from Miami to San Juan, Puerto...

Are Markets Repeating 2008?

I know I keep talking about this, but it’s important. If stocks had followed at least...

The Insanity of San Fran Starter Home Prices

Bubbles ultimately die of their own extremes, although it always helps to have a trigger...

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