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Stimulus Shock

I'm back in Puerto Rico after my near month of travel to Australia and then New York, and while I'm still exhausted, I'm glad...

Video Streaming: The Final Bubble in the 45/90-Year Tech Cycle

Here in late 2019, the 45-year tech cycle is converging on the last top back...

Thankful for Adam Smith, Capitalism, and Billionaires

People in the nine-zeros club rarely make my prayer list. Usually my concerns are closer...

What Pensions Will Do to Your Pocket

It’s that time of year. My wife has been baking up a storm as we...

Real Estate Warnings for 2020

I just got to New York after two weeks in Australia, and while I'm glad...

Managing Money Velocity

Dr. Lacy Hunt was the first economist to explain why money velocity is important: It...

The Bigger the Bubble

When I am speaking in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., all of whom have...
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