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Crunching the numbers on today’s inflation

I recently had dinner with my extended family. Afterwards, my parents mentioned they were surprised at how expensive the meal had been. It was...

Interest Rates: Why the Fed is Cowering

The Fed left interest rates unchanged, again. I’m not surprised… But many pundits are wondering...

Uncovering the Real 2019 GDP Picture

Botox seems weird to me. People pay to be injected with tiny amounts of a virus...

Who’s protecting your Social Security and Medicaid?

My wife and I drove to San Antonio last weekend so she could attend a...

Australia: Real Estate Cons, Demographic Pros

Man! They’ll need to take me off the plane in a stretcher when I eventually...

The States Gaining & Losing People is a Warning for Real Estate

Let’s pick up where we left of in our real estate conversation from last week....

The Best Way to Make Gains on Your House

My house is in a bit of disarray. We’re spring cleaning, but it’s more than...

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