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Harry Dent

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Gold on grungy wash pan with river sand

Gold Had A Big Week

Well, the markets rolled over last Friday, and opened this week in a bloodbath. But gold continued to surge, creeping up past the $1,500...

The Cycle Variation That Points to a 2023 Bottom

When I last met with Richard Mogey years ago, past director of The Foundation for...

A Look at the 2nd Democratic Debates

All the focus this week, after the Fed rate cut on Wednesday, was on the...

Harley-Davidson’s Future as an Investment

At the end of July, Harley-Davidson reported second-quarter results, and it was a bloodbath. Sales...

Why King Dollar Won’t Be Dethroned Anytime Soon

Is there no end to talk of how the U.S. dollar will soon be replaced...

Can You Stomach Pot Stocks?

The cannabis industry as a whole holds a ton of promise, which Rodney alluded to...

The Cannabis Industry Is About to Get a Huge Jolt

It’s another hot week on the Texas Gulf Coast. For yet another day, when I...

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