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Some Indicators That Don’t Confirm Economic Resurgence

When David Stockman spoke at our IES conference in October, he had a whole slew of charts that showed that the main street economy...

China, Hong Kong, Government Power, and the Markets

Yesterday morning, I hopped on the line with Dent Senior Research Analyst Dave Okenquist to...

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach… Healthcare

Many Democrats really want to impeach President Trump. According to a Pew Research poll conducted...

What Higher Debts Do to Bond Rates

The only Phd economist I allow to speak each year at the Irrational Economic Summit...

Is Market Sanity Around the Corner?

I never understood WeWork. The company either purchased or took long-term leases on commercial properties....

Gold: The Great Diversifier

It’s no secret to you that I am still more bearish on gold than bullish....

Only 8% Regret Buying a Home… That Will Change Faster Than Ever!

There’s one thing that is always true: Most people are not good investors. They buy...

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