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Did You Hear About the Billionaire Who Lost 90% of His...

Do you remember Ted Turner, the media mogul who founded CNN? At the turn of this century, he lost 90% of his wealth, leaving...

The Tipping Point: Could Trump Win 2020 Election?

I hate politics. I hate that it’s inescapable. What I don’t hate is the investment...

Confusion Reigns While Stimulus Options Dwindle

As I discussed on Monday and Wednesday this week, markets are following my Dark Window...

Loving the British on the Fourth of July

Yes, yes, we all know that this is the day the American colonists declared their...

Surge 25% or Fall 25%?

I sent a market update to Boom & Bust subscribers in our 5 Day Forecast...

Good News, Bad News, Markets Don’t Care

Markets popped higher this morning after a weekend of good news: The Donald and Xi...

Stock Markets Are In A Crucial Place

I’m coming to you today from Myrtle Beach, where my entire family gets together for...

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