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Is Bitcoin Back?

100%. That’s how much the price of bitcoin increased since December 31. At last check, the cryptocurrency was trading at $7,502, after jumping 14% on...

Crunching the numbers on today’s inflation

I recently had dinner with my extended family. Afterwards, my parents mentioned they were surprised...

Where Growth Is Free and Everybody Gets Rich

Employment numbers came out last week and showed unemployment at a 50-year low. Average hourly...

How We’ll See Deficits at $40 Trillion in a Few Short Years

Smart people are worried about out deficit. They should be. Never mind the chaos around the...

The Dangers Beyond the China-U.S. Trade War

U.S. markets have had a bad week. After reaching all-time highs recently – the Dow...

Australia: Real Estate Cons, Demographic Pros

Man! They’ll need to take me off the plane in a stretcher when I eventually...

The States Gaining & Losing People is a Warning for Real Estate

Let’s pick up where we left of in our real estate conversation from last week....

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