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The Comfortable Call for Socialism and Your Tax Dollars

Democrats keep boarding the presidential hopeful bus, but they all want the same seat… the one all the way to the left. Whatever the...

Consumers: Make More, Spend More

Last week was “risk-off” for stocks. This week, not so much. Despite Boeing’s (NYSE: BA) 10%...

The Debatable Cost of Climate Change

The Green New Deal article I published last week (“The Green New Deal Has Already...

We’re Overdosing on the Debt Opioid

On Friday, I talked about how the last 11 years have been no better than...

65 Million Things You’re Not Hearing About China Trade War

China’s been playing hardball with the U.S. over trade talks. There’s good reason: they’re gunning...

What Boomers Will Do to Real Estate and Nursing Homes

Recently we talked about why Millennials aren’t buying a house at the same rate as...

Insights from Tony Robbins Platinum Conference

I’ve been at the Tony Robbins Platinum Group conference all week and, despite the cold,...

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