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Is That… Inflation on the Horizon?

Treasury bonds were fairly quiet last week and have been tame so far this week too. Stocks sold off recently when Gary Cohn, President Trump’s...

Mother Nature’s Deflationary Forces

I like free stuff. Free delivery, free wireless, free breakfast… you name it. I think most...

Three Major Trends Making it Harder to Retire in America

The other day I was reading a Bloomberg article about how income inequality in the...

What the Great Depression Can Teach Us About Trade Tariffs

President Trump has promised this from the beginning. We’ve had bad trade deals with other...

MLPs Are Still a Steal

It’s been a wild ride in bonds. Back in September, the 10-year Treasury note yielded just...

What Tariffs Would Really Mean

Every day, you plunk out cash to support your neighbors. And they support you. That’s...

Bitcoin is Back! Here Come the Regulators!

Bitcoin has bounced back off its lows after getting absolutely smashed earlier this year. After...