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candidates waiting for jobs that won't come

Manipulating the Megaphone

I've been harping on this megaphone pattern for quite a while now, but you've got to remember, there's a reason why these megaphones are...

Wasting Money on CEOs

What’s Driving Gold?

Some Indicators That Don’t Confirm Economic Resurgence

When David Stockman spoke at our IES conference in October, he had a whole slew...

China, Hong Kong, Government Power, and the Markets

Yesterday morning, I hopped on the line with Dent Senior Research Analyst Dave Okenquist to...

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach… Healthcare

Many Democrats really want to impeach President Trump. According to a Pew Research poll conducted...

The Chinese Real Estate Dilemma

Today's rant covers an unusual topic: China. No, not Chinese trade. We talk about that...

Americans Need to Move

It’s been two days since my movers met my contractors. I don’t mean a “Hey-nice-to-meet-you”...

Stock Breakout? With Flat GDP Q3 and Falling Earnings Projected Ahead?

Somehow the stock market is expecting growth to re-accelerate after a disappointing 2.0% GDP growth...
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