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The Earnings Mirage

Earnings season is underway, and the path to quick profits (or losses) is right in front of us. Expectations are high because of tax reform...

Declassifying the Deep State

We have an annual Irrational Economic Summit every year and guess which speaker gets a...

What North Korea Could Teach Our “Great Negotiator”

This morning, Dave Okenquist, Dent Research’s Senior Research Analyst, sat down with Harry to discuss...

Is Inflation Finally Moving Higher?

Stock market volatility was front and center last week, mainly because of President Trump’s proposed...

4 Triggers for the Next Real Estate Collapse

Did you see the recent Bloomberg article about how Manhattan home sales have tumbled the...

The Risks Are Still Present. So Are the Profits.

There’s an old market axiom that goes something like this: You can’t go broke taking...

A CMT’s Technical Take on Facebook

Everyone’s got an opinion about Facebook these days. And as Mark Zuckerberg spent two days chatting...