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Ahead of the Yield Curve

Since last Thursday, the yield on the long-term Treasury bond is down by about 10 basis points. Since its recent peak a little over...

Toys R Us Not Just a Retail Casualty

Toys R Us just joined the unenviable list of top retail failures of the past...

This Indicator is Flashing Red. Pay Attention!

Millennials get a bad rap. Sure, they’re the generation that grew up with participation trophies,...

Is That… Inflation on the Horizon?

Treasury bonds were fairly quiet last week and have been tame so far this week...

What I Told the Germans (Part 2)

Earlier in the month I shared with you the first part of an interview I...

Could This Be More Exciting Than Bitcoin?

Last month at Hidden Profits, we delved into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology....

The Value of Having Skin in the Game

I was little sluggish this morning. I picked up a copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s...