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The Trump Bump and the Midterm Election Referendum

Well, the election turned out close to what was predicted. The Democrats took over the house, but by a modest margin. The Republicans picked...

Opinions, Decisions, and Poetry

November has arrived, bringing with it the season of feasts, festivities, and holiday cheer. It also...

This Is the Real Revolution

My father told me a secret about political strategy when I was young. It’s a...

A Trail of Bubbles

So far, the 21st Century has seen one B.S. bubble after another. Even worse, these bubbles...

Treasury Bonds Aren’t the Only Ones Spiking

I’ve been waiting for the recent spike in T-bonds in the U.S. A similar spike occurred...

The New Kings of Pot?

The SEC, the government watchdog, and TDAmeritrade, the self-service brokerage firm, recently issued warnings about...

Running Out of Affordable Homes

Bubbles are self-defeating. Their success is what eventually kills them. The same is true for cycles. Take...

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