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The Good Path to Greater Income Inequality

I want the difference between median pay and a top earner to get bigger. A lot bigger. It’s not that I want average workers to earn...

Dalio, Trump, and Capitalism

Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio entered the mainstream recently when he granted an interview to...

Is Ray Dalio’s Idea to Tax the Rich the Income Inequality Solution?

Tax Day Monday. Have you filed yet? A tax professional friend of mine told me recently...

Be Ready for the Populist Backlash

I love the Brits. At one time, the plucky people across the pond controlled most of...

Real Estate Is Flashing Warnings

Did you know that the major leading indicator of the great 2008/9 financial crisis was...

Home Prices’ Rapid Decline Warns of Recession Ahead

I’m heading back to Australia for a six-city tour – Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney,...

Bitcoin’s Surge Proves It’s a Bad Currency

If you went to the store two days in a row and all the prices...

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