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Leaked Data Video #1: The Secret Behind Making Money

Several years ago, I uncovered something shocking hidden inside official public documents from the U.S. Bureau of Labor. It was data so powerful that...

How the Gov’t Hides This Incredible Data

Markets across the board seemed under the weather this morning. Still, the Nasdaq is just 1,760...

Come Back, Ross Perot!

In 2008, the mother of one of my best friends died. I flew to Dallas,...

What If Venezuela and Iran Can’t Access Oil?

We’re hyper-focused on politics at the moment because, well, Trump. If he weren’t the president,...

Did You Hear About the Billionaire Who Lost 90% of His Wealth?

Do you remember Ted Turner, the media mogul who founded CNN? At the turn of...

Surge 25% or Fall 25%?

I sent a market update to Boom & Bust subscribers in our 5 Day Forecast...

Good News, Bad News, Markets Don’t Care

Markets popped higher this morning after a weekend of good news: The Donald and Xi...

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