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This Indicator is Flashing Red. Pay Attention!

Millennials get a bad rap. Sure, they’re the generation that grew up with participation trophies, winning prizes for completing the arduous task of showing...

The One Thing You Should Be Most Concerned About For Retirement

The last few days we’ve been asking readers what their biggest retirement concerns are. Teresa...

Mother Nature’s Deflationary Forces

I like free stuff. Free delivery, free wireless, free breakfast… you name it. I think most...

Three Major Trends Making it Harder to Retire in America

The other day I was reading a Bloomberg article about how income inequality in the...

The Value of Having Skin in the Game

I was little sluggish this morning. I picked up a copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s...

MLPs Are Still a Steal

It’s been a wild ride in bonds. Back in September, the 10-year Treasury note yielded just...

What Tariffs Would Really Mean

Every day, you plunk out cash to support your neighbors. And they support you. That’s...