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Real Estate Warnings for 2020

I just got to New York after two weeks in Australia, and while I'm glad to be back on American soil, I'm still a...

Social Security is Broke

If you think Social Security is a genuine, albeit compulsory, retirement program, then you haven’t...

The 7 Laws of Cycles

A reader recommended I adapt an excerpt from April's Leading Edge that discusses the seven...

The Meaning of All This Chaos

I'm on my way to Australia today. Well, I left yesterday, but travel takes so...

The Bigger the Bubble

When I am speaking in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., all of whom have...

Live from Australia

As you know, I'm on the road in Australia at the moment, handling a few...

Guns, Money, and Regulations

If you’re looking for free drinks and new friends, loudly discuss your support for the...
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