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7 Signs Will Confirm the End Is Near for the Market

The bull market run since March 2009, when unprecedented money printing became the economic driver du jour, recently become the longest in history without...

Are We Living the End of Days?

Did you hear that Chinese scientist He Jiankui claims to have created the first genetically...

Trump’s Growth Dream and the Harsh Reality

Ever since Trump’s election and he and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin uttered the stupidest words...

Disagreeing the Fed Chair Jerome Powell

Everybody wants to know what the Fed plans to do with its future rate hikes… Today...

Want a Free Home? Japan Can Help

Man! Sometimes I sound like a broken record. If only more people listened to me, things like...

The Emerging Country that Flunks the “Acid Test”

Several weeks ago I sent you a video commentary on how important money velocity is...

The Falling Supply of Homes Leads to Rising Prices… and Falling Sales

Did you watch my video two Fridays ago? If not, check it out here. I...

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