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If Gold Hits This Target, Run Away!

Stocks are in no-man’s land right now. They can’t seem to make up their mind if they want to sink or fly. I can’t say...

People Are Retiring Earlier Than They Plan

People assume that most retire at age 65 or a bit later. Some plan to...

Inflation: Mission Accomplished

It was a busy week for the Treasury bond market: A Federal Open Market Committee...

Japan’s Monumental QE Has Done NOTHING for Its Inflation or Growth

The biggest debates I have are with gold bugs. They believe endless money printing will...

Successful Investing Boils Down to Your Best Guess

Let’s talk about the difference between long-term and short-term forecasting. Both are critical to giving...

Why We’re Headed Toward Oil Independence

Almost two years ago, the Saudis acknowledged they had a problem. The price of oil...

This Bubble Is All About Supply, Not Demand

I recently emailed you about how this latest real estate bubble looks just like the...