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The Real Estate Bubble [Video]

Over the past month or so, Harry has been relentlessly giving you coverage on the current state of real estate. He’s looked at the demographic...

Trump’s Trade Wars Will Hurt His Supporters

There’s ideology. And then there’s reality and outcomes. Unfortunately, the trade war overtures in the name of...

What’s to Come

Major forces with big implications for the U.S. are starting to take shape. And Harry sees...

The Clamp Down on Immigration

There was a great article in Bloomberg Opinion by Noah Smith. It starts off reminding us...

Treasury Yields Break on Through To The Other Side

The past week brought its fair share of drama. Although equity and Treasury markets exhibited signs...

Oil Will Be An American Weapon

I took a gap year after college, and I decided to spend the winter in...

The Death of a Dream, Part 2

In I showed how Japan’s first and more massive real estate bubble peaked in 1991....