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The Tipping Point: Could Trump Win 2020 Election?

I hate politics. I hate that it’s inescapable. What I don’t hate is the investment opportunities the 2020 election will present us. So I hate,...

Millennials Will Decide The 2020 Election

The recent Democratic presidential primary debates were a lot of fun… said no one. As the...

If It’s Free, It’s Going to Cost You

The Democratic debates are underway, so if you’re a masochist with no hobbies, you now...

What Makes Canada, Scandinavia, and Finland Good Investments

We live in a world where we wake up to news (and a shocking image)...

Good News, Bad News, Markets Don’t Care

Markets popped higher this morning after a weekend of good news: The Donald and Xi...

Stock Markets Are In A Crucial Place

I’m coming to you today from Myrtle Beach, where my entire family gets together for...

Time To Pack Your Equity Market “Go Bag”

Late last week, on the first day of summer, I watched the news and weather...

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