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The College Admissions Scandal is Part of the Cycle

Imagine that?! Parents cheating to get their kids into a good school. I couldn’t be less surprised at the recently exposed college admissions scandal....

We’re Overdosing on the Debt Opioid

On Friday, I talked about how the last 11 years have been no better than...

The Difference in GDP Between Now and the Great Depression

Since my first book, way back in the 1980s, I’ve warned that we’d see an...

The Coming Volatility Explosion

Some of those shutdown-delayed economic reports are finally coming in. The Census Bureau and the...

65 Million Things You’re Not Hearing About China Trade War

China’s been playing hardball with the U.S. over trade talks. There’s good reason: they’re gunning...

What Boomers Will Do to Real Estate and Nursing Homes

Recently we talked about why Millennials aren’t buying a house at the same rate as...

Insights from Tony Robbins Platinum Conference

I’ve been at the Tony Robbins Platinum Group conference all week and, despite the cold,...

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