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The Death of a Dream, Part 1

It’s no secret that Millennials are not buying homes as early or to the degree that Boomers did. They saw the first major real estate...

Another Drawback to the Housing Bubble

I’ve been ranting for weeks now about it… People don’t understand that sky-high home prices...

The American Illness

Our government’s debt is approaching $21 trillion. The stimulus packages, tax cuts, and QE have...

Are You Ready for Some Bonus Fireworks?

I hope you all had a safe, fun Independence Day. But get ready for some fireworks after the fourth!  Market volatility over the...

The Real Facebook Shocker

I can watch the same movie 100 times. But I don’t sit down and enjoy...

To Celebrate This July Fourth, Start a Fight

I love cheeseburgers. And citrus-infused beer (don’t judge me!) in the hot summer months. I also...

Bitcoin Crashes to New Lows

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are at a critical point. On Sunday, bitcoin hit new intraday lows of...