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Corporate Profits Are Crushing Wages, and the Tax Cuts Aren’t Helping

There’s no end to the insanity. Our central bankers and politicians are trying to keep this artificial bubble going at all costs. How shortsighted. How...

Social Unrest in China

Anyone who has listened to me in the past decade knows that I think China’s...

The Coming Financial Detox

The economy has been over-stimulated for too long! And now Trump is issuing more tax cuts....

Yields Are Crashing!

When long-term Treasury yields started to climb mid-month and closed at a high of 3.24%,...

What Rising Oil Prices Mean for Real Estate

I had a finance professor in college who referred to self-evident ideas as BGOs, or...

The Market’s Finally Getting Serious About Italy

Over the years I’ve spent much time talking about Italy as the next ticking time...

A Safer Way to Play Volatility

I’ve been preaching how this endless and desperate stimulus will (and must) come to an...