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The Coming Economic Armageddon

When on tour in Australia last February, I met an Australian economist John Adams. He’s been fighting the same bubble blindness and economic risks...

Corporate Profits Are Crushing Wages, and the Tax Cuts Aren’t Helping

There’s no end to the insanity. Our central bankers and politicians are trying to keep...

How Much More Money Do You Make Than…?

Finally! I recently came across this great analysis that the OECD (the Organization for Economic...

Social Unrest in China

Anyone who has listened to me in the past decade knows that I think China’s...

Subprime Car Loans Are Back

General Motors (NYSE: GM) has a plan, and it doesn’t involve electric vehicles. Sure, the green-mobiles...

Real Estate Is Going Nuts

China’s largest cities are so overpriced that migrant workers are going back to the rice...

Tariffs Lead to Trade War

You usually find me sifting through important economic data and analyzing how it’ll affect the...