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Want a Free Home? Japan Can Help

Man! Sometimes I sound like a broken record. If only more people listened to me, things like Japan’s latest stunt wouldn’t come as such a surprise. And...

The Never-Ending Bull Market Is Back

Hey there. It’s been a little bit since you’ve heard from me, as Teresa and Coty...

Real Estate Starting to Go Belly Up Down Under

I just got back from Australia… A five-city tour: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane… I was gone...

Big Brother Is Listening (Again)

I have the best deal at Christmas. I must buy gifts for just one person:...

The Emerging Country that Flunks the “Acid Test”

Several weeks ago I sent you a video commentary on how important money velocity is...

The Falling Supply of Homes Leads to Rising Prices… and Falling Sales

Did you watch my video two Fridays ago? If not, check it out here. I...

Will Housing Be the First Domino to Fall?

Early this week, the market shook off Thanksgiving blues and started with a bang! Stocks bounced...

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