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GM Trading in a Buy Zone

Love ‘em or hate ‘em… either way, today looks like a good day to buy General Motors (NYSE: GM). Here’s what I see in GM’s stock price… See larger image


Where’s MY Tax Break?

$45.4 billion. That’s a big number. It’s also the amount of tax savings that General Motors… excuse me, the NEW General Motors… brought with it into the new decade. What


The Nifty Sale

Targeting markets with the best growth prospects is only half the battle. The other half involves finding investments trading at a “good price.” So, investors searching for opportunities exclusively in


The Country That Will Outgrow Every Other

This Country Will Outgrow Every Other for the Next 25 Years “Scotty, we need more power!” “Dang it Captain, I’m giving it all she’s got!” This infamous exchange on the


The ONLY Way to Profit From Recent Bank Earnings Results

Bank of America recently reported earnings of $0.28/share, or $4.8 billion. That’s good news, right? Except, this number is net of all of those pesky one-time adjustments… I mean, they


What the Money Flow Index Says About Bank of America

Let’s take a look at Bank of America’s (NYSE: BAC) stock price over the last year… BAC dropped from $15 to $5 in 2011. That’s a significant 67% drop. During


Get a Prenup

Thursday, April 19, 2012 Get a Prenup By Adam O’Dell, Editor, Survive & Prosper     Get a prenup! That’s the advice we suspect George Soros would have given the


Don’t Let the Economy Kill Your Business

You can always pick them out of a crowd… In almost every speech I give, I can point out the business owners without ever talking to them. They’re typically very


A Sign of the Times

Will 2009 go down in history as the year we started fixing our own cars? A look at AutoZone Inc. (NYSE: AZO), the do-it-yourself auto parts store, is an interesting


The Crux of Harry’s Solution is Simple…

The problem: too much debt. Our solution: less debt. Yet the Fed and ECB continue to fight fire with more fire. That is, they’re fighting a private balance sheet recession