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$50bn in Market Cap – GONE!

We’re quickly approaching the one-year anniversary since gold prices peaked. On September 6, 2011 gold futures made a high of $1,942.30. The popular gold ETF, GLD, peaked the same day


What To Do: Buy Gold or Sell Gold

The Chinese have made a deal to purchase a large gold mining concern. The Federal Reserve is making noises about another round of quantitative easing. The European Central Bank (ECB)


Retail: Luxury Brands Vs. Discount Brands

While consumers of “average” means began cutting back over four years ago, most of the wealthiest consumers have continued to spend. This split in spending patterns created a bifurcated retail


Lack of Consumer Spending is Slowing the Economy

Sometimes your age rears up and slaps you in the face… A recent American Express poll of $450K+ earners revealed that this group is cautious about the U.S. economy. Sixty


Digging Deep into the Weakening Yen

Currency exchange rates are always relative. To answer the question – “Is the yen stronger or weaker today?” – you first must ask, “compared to what?” In the Forex world,


The Strong Yen is Killing Japan’s Economy

Sometimes your age rears up and slaps you in the face… I was recently reading the Wall Street Journal and noted that Japanese car companies – the mainstays of the


And The Yield Winner Is…

Nearly all the juice has been squeezed out of bonds. This leaves income-oriented investors searching elsewhere and increasingly they’re turning to dividend-paying stocks and funds. Today’s chart compares two electronically


Hate the General Equity Markets?

How come all the financial advice commercials show smiling, happy people on the beach… or looking smug at their personal computers? Where are the real people? Where are the people


The Fed Has a Few Problems – Like How to “sell” QE3

First, it’s a victim of its own success. Until around 2008, no one cared about the Fed. It was the nerdy kid that never got invited to the party… The


What to Expect Out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming Friday

At the Kansas City Federal Reserve Symposium in Jackson Hole, WY next Friday, Ben Bernanke will have bigger problems to contemplate than I did when I visited that town… I