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The Decade of U.S. Bonds

The past 10 years will likely be written in history as the “Decade of U.S. Bonds.” Since 2002, the price of 10-year Treasuries has doubled. The question becomes, “Is it


Healthcare Costs Soaring by Many Times Inflation Rate

span style=”font-size: small;”>The Kaiser Foundation tracks healthcare spending at more than 2,000 large and small employers each year. It found that, over the past year, the cost of healthcare insurance


$2 Natural Gas Prices: A Thing of the Past?

Natural gas has been the tale of two trends. One up, one down. Trending up has been the available supply of the clean-burning fuel. Also trending up are the number


Natural Gas vs. Gasoline – Which would you pick to fill your car?

There’s a point in the movie Other People’s Money when Danny DeVito’s character – Lawrence Garfield – explains to a group of workers that their company will go out of


AMZN – Now THIS is What I Call a Recovery!

Look at Amazon’s stock price. It’s been on a tear for almost four years now. First, some context… When I look at stock prices the first thing I do is


Your Online Sales Tax Cheating Days Are Coming to an End

Rodney Johnson | Tuesday, September 25, 2012 >> I’m betting that, if you’re like most people, you are a tax cheat. Don’t take that the wrong way. This isn’t meant


Australian Dollar Due for a Pullback

Currencies reflect the relative strength or weakness of a country’s economy. Over the past three years, as Australia dodged the global slowdown by feeding China’s appetite for resources, the Australian

Housing Market

The Decline in Australia Property Value

At this point the euro zone crisis is a well-bludgeoned, departed equine that doesn’t deserve a lot of ink. However, the knock-on effects just keep on coming and one of


Real-Estate Investment Trust Fund That Outperformed DIA

Evolution is a phenomenon that has always intrigued me. I find hope in our ability to change… for the better… as necessary. Adaptive change is evident in many systems. As


Financial Markets Could End Up in the “Irons”

Living in Florida is different. We think cold weather is anything under 60 degrees. We see flip-flops as perfectly acceptable business casual dress. And many of us get to sail