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The Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man

Everyone is looking to Germany to save the euro zone and the European Union. Ha! Yes. Germans are harder-working and higher saving than the failing southern European nations. Yes. Germany’s


Germany versus Spain: Are Investors About to Choose a New Favorite?

Germany’s perceived “savior” status goes far beyond the slew of news stories that tout the country’s strong points. Investors, too, have placed their bets on Germany. Whether these investors are


The Battleground Ahead of Us

I must admit… I read news headlines, and subject lines of other newsletters when they arrive in my inbox, the same way I glance at car accidents on the side


Did They Really Order That

It’s happened to us all. We’re sitting in a restaurant with our kids when the waiter asks, “What can I get you?” The usual responses flow from around the table,


They Can’t Both Be Right

If you’re looking for an example of a rationality-challenged market… look no further than gold. To the average spectator, gold seems schizophrenic. For about 10 years – from 2001 to


Can You Spot the Odd Man Out?

European car sales recently hit a 20-year low, with German car sales plunging almost 10% for the most recent month. The large German bank, Deutsche Bank, is reported to have


Chinese Stocks Still Slumping

New York… Shanghai… a true tale of two cities. In late 2007, U.S. and Chinese stocks peaked at the same time. In early 2009, these stock markets also bottomed together.


Upping the Ante Again

What’s the sound of desperation? The whirring of a printing press. When the global financial systems melted down in the U.S. and Europe in late 2008, central banks produced the


A Breath of Fresh Air

No rest for the wicked. Harry’s meant to be on vacation this week. As such, we’d prepared his articles to you this week in advance. And in my humble opinion,

Purchasing Power

“Thank Goodness Health Care Costs Are Contained” (And Other Idiotic Statements)

Recently the Medicare Trustees issued their annual report and – Happy Day! – it looks like the Medicare Trust Fund will not completely exhaust its assets until 2026, which is