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Greener Pastures Beyond

Consumers have faced steep price hikes at the grocery store in recent years, as food-price inflation has outpaced wage growth. And against a backdrop of global population growth, and a


The Farmland Bubble and the Pin That Will Burst it

  Want to see what a bubble looks like? Look at this: See larger image This is the farmland price index for the Chicago Fed district (data source: Bloomberg 2013).


The Rest of Giving Thanks

  We think of Sir Isaac Newton as a pretty smart guy. He described properties of physics, including the laws of motion and universal gravitation. But when it came to


Angela Shrugged

Ayn Rand was not a particularly good writer, but she captured a point of view so well that she’s become something of an icon. In her books, particularly Atlas Shrugged,


Investors Are Waking Up to Strong Stock Returns

Despite record-low yields, savers and ultra-conservative investors have been piling into bond funds ever since the stock market puked its brains out in 2007/2008. Call it a knee-jerk flight to


Blackstone Beating Them All

The topic of comeback real-estate markets hit the mainstream media’s radar earlier this year as rising homes sales and prices led many to call the start of the recovery. Yet,


The 18-Year Cycle You Can Bank On

  I’m a cycles man. They exist in every aspect of our lives, from our bodies to our emotions… from how we age to how we spend money… from how


Health Care Stocks on a Roll

Health care insurance could become the most frustrating social experiment/experience we face in the coming decades. The sector’s stocks, however, could become the most profitable investments over the same time.

Purchasing Power

A Tax, By Any Other Name, Is Still a Tax

  We can send people to the moon, a robot to Mars, and can spy on the leaders of foreign countries, but we can’t develop health care plans to meet


Black Swan or New Yuan?

  “Uh… No! Absolutely not.” That’s what I said when asked recently: “So are you buying bitcoins?” The fact that the lady who cuts my hair was asking me for