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Beat the Market Trade with Cycle 9 Alert in 2014

Passive index investing is not the way to go in today’s markets. The long-term risks associated with buy-and-hold investments are too great. And short-term trend changes only work to benefit


The Power of Fibonacci Numbers

The ultimate goal of any market-timing investor is to stay in sync with the natural rhythms of the market. Fortunately, there’s a popular analysis tool I use to do just

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A Conversation to Have With the Kids

Years ago an older couple lived next door to us. Thankfully, they delighted in our children. That made the occasional apology for sports equipment on the lawn and cars parked


The Affluent Recession Ahead

  I warn in my new book, out January 7, that the U.S. has a second Demographic Cliff coming, at the same time as countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and

Housing Market

When Mortgage Interest Rates Rise, Housing Cools

By Eddie Speed, Editor, REal Income Alert Over the years, we’ve learned that potential homeowners are very sensitive to interest rates, even more so today. A small increase in interest


The Great Deleveraging

It seems like every few months now there’s a fight over raising our government’s debt ceiling. But at home, individual consumers are lowering their own personal debt ceilings. Ever since


Where Every Car is Clean

  Living in South Florida is different from living in many parts of the country. We have a much greater concentration of retired people drawn here by the weather and

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Christmas and the True Gift of Giving

  This is the time of year when people feel the best… even the markets tend to perform better… Mostly it’s a time of spiritual reflection and giving. Money and

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The Bell Ringer

  I’m a bit of a Christmas nut… a sucker for all the trappings: the trees, the food, the lights, the carols, and the general sense of excitement that’s in

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Income Inequality: Which Side of the Great Divide Are You On?

  Two phenomena have occurred since 2000 that have had a great impact on slowing economic growth: 1) Slowing of demographic growth in spending, and 2) The sudden explosion of