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Emerging Markets Frown on Bernanke’s Taper

Last Wednesday, the Fed announced its decision to taper its bond buying program by $10 billion a month, or 12% of its prior monthly ante of $85 billion. That surprised


Luxury is Still in Style

  With all the talk of penny-pinching and belt-tightening that followed the great financial crisis of 2008, there’s a common perception that the low-end retailers catering to the 76% of

Central Banks

When is $10 Billion NOT a Big Number?

  There’s an old joke about how to become a millionaire. Start with $2 million and then lose $1 million. The joke is all about perspective, which is exactly what’s

Housing Market

And Now For the Good News… Or Maybe Not

By Eddie Speed, Editor, REal Income Alert According to RealtyTrac, September 2013 pre-foreclosure filings were down 38.9% from last year. The same study shows bank-owned REO (real estate owned) filings


“We Killed [It]” (AMZN) and Best Buy (BBY) form the ultimate mash-up in the online versus brick-and-mortar debate. Amazon has taken the world by storm, completely disrupting the status-quo retail model in

Purchasing Power

Stealing From the State

Over the course of the Black Friday weekend U.S. shoppers spent roughly $57 billion. Although it’s down from last year by roughly $2 billion, it’s still a lot of money.


Don’t Hate the Player

A couple years ago, Warren Buffett’s secretary became “Exhibit A,” of sorts, in his argument for raising the tax rate on capital gains. The idea of the secretary-to-a-billionaire paying a

Purchasing Power

What Occupy Wall Street SHOULD Have Said

On a Saturday morning in the fall of 2011 I was driving through downtown Tampa with my teenage daughter. As we passed a city park she asked me who the


Everybody Has Their Thing

U.S. investors have typically shown a penchant for putting their wealth in stocks. At the height of the boom, U.S. households held upwards of 30% of their financial assets


The Latest Leading Indicator Out of China Issues Another Warning

The rich in China are starting to realize something that its stock market has known for years: China’s in an unprecedented bubble with high growth and low profits. Government over-investment