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Biotech Buildup For 2015

This month, we’ve covered the $13 billion dollar man, Patrick Soon-Shiong as he transforms cancer fighting into what only can be described as a mix between Star Wars and Ironman


Bullish Sentiment Breaking Out

It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of investor sentiment. Knowing the mood du jour helps us know which direction the herd is leaning. And we can make

Purchasing Power

More Purchasing Power, Less Taxes

As we close out 2014 and set our sights on an even more prosperous 2015, I think the entire country deserves a raise. I’m not talking about raising hourly pay


Stock Market High

Enthusiasm for exposure to the U.S.’s apparent economic recovery is far from fading. A record $39 billion flowed into U.S. stock funds last week, while non-U.S. funds suffered $2.5 billion


Healthcare Hazards

The first ever renewal of coverage season under the Affordable Care Act has come and gone. This year wasn’t marked by the craziness of the failing website that plagued the


Biotech and Pharmacies

Trying to take advantage of explosive biotech opportunities, most try to map out leading drug pipeline candidates that have the highest likelihood of success during trials. But here’s a question,


Time Well Spent

Here’s a holiday riddle for you… What is the most valuable gift of all? Everyone gets a bit of it (although in varying amounts). We can use it in any


Economic Tidings of the Season

Since 2009, we’ve had the Fed and central banks from around the world deliver decent to better Christmas seasons… but this should be the last one for now. The economy


Stock Options, Risky or Not?

If you ask many stock-market investors what they know about stock options, you’ll get the same answer: “They’re risky.” But that, my friend, is pure, unadulterated misinformation. It’s hogwash. Like


Adam Smith and the Most Valuable Gift

We can blame Adam Smith, the 18th century economist, for the commercialization of Christmas. Or, perhaps even better, we can thank him. Smith outlined the case for the specialization of