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What the January Barometer Says About 2014

Adam O’Dell | Friday, January 31, 2014 >> Mark Twain was neither a stock market analyst nor a statistician, yet he contributed two famous quotes that could make you think


Sunspot Cycle 24 is Peaking! Stay Sharp

  There are an almost infinite number of cycles in life, the market, and the economy. So we’d be remiss (and downright idiotic) to ignore them. But working with cycles


Better than the Doctor?

The copper market is widely accepted as a forecasting tool, often called Dr. Copper for its ability to diagnose sick stock markets before they collapse and require drastic life-saving measures.

Central Banks

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

That’s the saying I hear attributed to the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented stimulus program and its effect on equities. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Well, more than 80% of S&P

Central Banks

Hating the Fed

So the Fed has tapered again. What does it mean? Who knows…? At the December 2013 Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting, the group decided two very important things. First,


Where is OUR Payment?

The past two years have been pretty good to bank and securities regulators, as well as state watchdogs like Attorneys General and Finance Commissioners. They’ve targeted big companies like JPMorgan,

Housing Market

Forget About Foreclosures

By Eddie Speed, Editor, REal Income Alert There are three trends that have changed the real-estate landscape. Last week, I spoke about the one I call the Blackstone Effect. That

Foreign Markets

Euro Soon to End its Bullish Run

The euro has proven quite strong over the last 18 months, gaining nearly 13% on the U.S. dollar since July 2012. But that trend looks like it will soon reverse

Foreign Markets

The Incredible, Shrinking… Powerhouse?

Over the past five years, Germany has done something amazing: It has maintained economic dominance in the face of daunting hurdles that have impeded the growth of surrounding countries. It’s


Why the Dollar is the Key Issue Ahead

In December I accepted an invitation to speak — for free — at a small conference in St. Kitts where I’d debate Peter Schiff on what I considered the key