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“It Was Like Free Money”

I was reading a February 25 Wall Street Journal article, entitled Yuan’s Decline Triggers Fears on Leveraged Bets, when five words jumped off the screen and slapped me. “It was


Prime Brokerage: The Day the Music Stopped

From EuroMoney: For the hundreds of hedge funds caught up in the collapse of Lehman Brothers International’s prime brokerage, it might take years to claw back securities entrusted as collateral.


It Looks Bad… Even For the Most Unpredictable Commodity

  The two things I hate predicting the most are currencies and oil. That’s because sudden political events drive them more than demographics or other fundamentals. Yet, over the long


Natural Gas: The Beginning of a New Era?

This year’s winter weather has been one for the record books! And as you’re likely aware, it’s sent energy prices soaring. Check out the price hikes we’ve seen since early

Central Banks

The Only People We Want to Hear Are Saying Nothing at All

  We live in a scripted society. Few people say what they really mean, particularly in business, so if you listen to them and respond, the whole conversation goes spinning


Do Markets Follow a Script?

The S&P 500 dropped sharply from January 23 to February 4, only to mount an equally sharp rally that erased the entire 6% loss. Investors are now trying to figure


$4,000 (so far) Betting Against the Aussie Dollar

Here at Dent Research, we make no bones about our forecast for the U.S. dollar: it’s going higher! And that means we’re bearish on most foreign currencies, which naturally take

Foreign Markets

The 5 Wealthy Countries With the Best Demographics

I’m doing PR for my new book, The Demographic Cliff, in Australia at the moment. Last week, I was in Sydney, and tomorrow until Sunday, I’ll be in Brisbane, speaking


The Dent Index vs. the CPI

There’s an old joke about a hot air balloonist who gets lost. He brings the balloon near to the ground and yells out to the first person he sees: “Excuse


Dr. Copper Is Still Sick

The long-time relationship between copper and the stock market ended in 2011. Commodity prices peaked that year and have fallen sharply since. Meanwhile, stocks have continued higher, unfazed by Dr.