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Beware of "Sexy" Innovative Markets

It weighs 2,700 lbs, shoots from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, and travels 245 miles per charge… It’s the Tesla Roadster, an all-electric vehicle. Innovative markets, such as the

Business Cycle

Economic Cycle: There’s More Than One

My career and research began with an understanding that the world was cyclical, not linear. So I set out to discover, understand and project the economic cycle that drives our


How Markets Affect Your Wallet

We are overrun with analysts, pundits, and managers that tell us to simply put money in the markets and let it ride. “Don’t worry about it!” they say. “Over the


Invest in Market Research for Larger Gains

What if I told you that I’ve discovered the best trading system by conducting thorough market research — collecting and analyzing the track records of 38 popular trading systems? What


Time to Grab Market Research by the Horns

Lack of market research hasn’t only cost us dollars and cents. Financial lessons learned the hard way often rob us of years, even decades, of our precious time. They set


The Importance of Money Market Research

I must admit, I’m a bit irrational. Then again, so are you. (That’s why market research is so important, but more on that in a minute.) As much as we


3 Opportunities to Grab Before the Great Market Crash Ahead

My economy and market cycles continue to point to mid-2014 into late 2019 as the period when endless artificial stimulus will finally fail… when the great housing market bubbles that

Business Cycle

The Power of Polarized Sunglasses and Economic Research

As my economic research has taught me, human nature has us involuntarily pining for the world to grow incrementally, with a minimum of down cycles, but that’s just not the


Geithner’s View of the Economy is Not Reality

Former New York Fed President and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner protected us and the economy (at least, according to him). All hail Tim Geithner! Or not. Someone should tell Mr.

Purchasing Power

Why Baby Boomers’ Purchasing Power Steals the Show

Yes, baby boomers have greater purchasing power than echo boomers. And yes, there are more echo boomers than baby boomers. The former is larger in sheer size. However, the baby