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Keep Calm and Markets Carry On

Finding our way through the markets can be tough as we move through the typically volatile months of July through September. But there’s always a path to profits, it’s like


3 Cycles Pointing Down and Ready for Crash Landing

Last year, I was reading a sidebar in Barron’s where ex-fund manager and PIMCO director Paul McCulley was talking about a stock market peak later that year… at the same

Business Cycle

State Government Officials Riding Dirty

State government officials aren’t known for savvy moves, so when they apparently duped Wall Street out of billions of dollars from the tobacco settlement, it had to be a fluke.


Their Economy is on the Edge

There has been endless talk by pundits about Europe finally recovering into a sustainable economy… and we said “bunk” from the very beginning. We’ve also stressed how Germany will experience


The Argentine Economy is Out of Order

If a person fails to pay you back for a loan, chances are you won’t lend them more money. This is exactly the situation the Argentine economy found itself in


A Dodgy Housing Market

The U.K. has been perhaps the hottest housing market in the developed world this year, and London’s housing market is even hotter, as I reported in “London has Gone Bonkers”


Bond Markets: Reach Across the Pond

For six years, investors have been stuck with exceptionally low interest rates in U.S. markets. Currently, 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds yield a paltry 2.5%. Buying these bonds with inflation sitting


Are Bear Markets the New Bull Markets?

Lately, when I appear on CNBC and Fox Business, I seem to face an increasing number of bulls who claim we’re not in a bubble and that we could see


A World Economy Made of BRICS?

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) recently announced the formation of a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), which will provide loans to member countries if their foreign exchange reserves


The U.S. Economic Collapse Will Trigger a Revolution

When the next economic collapse comes, and it’s inevitable, the revolution against the upper class will kick into higher gear! Let me explain using my long-term economic cycle — the