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My Strategy for the Rumor Mill

Happy Halloween! And what a blood-pumping month it’s been! The markets have been all over the place. If your emotions didn’t run wild with them, a Zombie costume may be


Economic Collapse Scenario

The third round of QE is finally over. And stocks keep edging up. They’ve been slower than in 2013 and the recent correction took them temporarily into negative territory. The

Central Banks

Federal Reserve Stops the Presses

The howling can officially end. All the people crazy-mad about the Fed printing money (gold bugs, inflationistas, etc.) can ease their blood pressure and go back to their normal lives.


Is This Bull Market D.O.A?

I’m a medical school dropout. And since I vowed not to waste that $40,000 I spent to realize that I actually didn’t want to be a doctor… I now find


Depression and the Economy of a Country

My father worked in politics with many great leaders. I also had the opportunity to speak, and work with many great communicators and entrepreneurs. It’s appropriate for most people to

Foreign Markets

China’s Economic House of Cards

China is nothing more than an economic house of cards, ready to fall with the slightest breeze. The country feeds its GDP with piles of debt, using the borrowed money


China and India Changing the Global Marketplace

China is looking at investing in infrastructure in India. That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. China has overinvested — like 12 to 15 years of future


A Smart Well-Hedged Portfolio

We’re most certainly still in a choppy, cyclical market environment – experiencing the wild swings I told Boom & Bust subscribers to brace for in their issue of 5 Day


Drowning in the Stock Market

Before I question the wisdom of the “Oracle of Omaha,” let me start with a few important caveats. Warren Buffett is the second-richest person in the U.S. which has way

Foreign Markets

The Global Economy and GDP

Nations are doing their best to export as much as possible, which allows them to grow their GDP well beyond what would be supported by domestic demand…particularly, China and Germany.