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Investing With An Edge

We all have “tippers” or indicators we use to assist us in our decision-making. The true question is: “How reliable are your indicators at beating the market over time?” Let’s


Deflation, Already in the Economy?

There was an op—ed article in the Wall Street Journal on November 14 entitled “Who’s Afraid of a Little Deflation?” by John H. Cochrane. The big fear today in Europe


What’s on Your Chalkboard?

When Thanksgiving is mentioned, many people think of food, which has special meaning in my house because my wife loves to cook. Given how well and how much she cooks,


Purchasing Power and the Holidays

‘Tis the season of traditions… And… predictable spending patterns! I’m not a big fan of our materialistic, consumer culture… but I do see predictable, seasonal spending patterns for what they


Creative Destruction Gets Blocked

Governments around the world collude with the largest financial institutions to keep the greatest debt and financial-asset bubble in modern history from busting after it started to do so violently


Innovation on Wall Street

Over the past five years I built a system with an 82.2% win ratio in picking stocks utilizing social-media data. I used my experience of being a Marine Corps Communications


Debt and Income

The real money machine in our economy is credit. We deposit money, the bank keeps a small percentage of it around to cover withdrawals and the rest is lent out.


Bullish Market Made Possible By Doves

Foreign central banks have pulled out the big guns over the last three weeks. First it was the Bank of Japan, which hit the markets with a Halloween surprise. And


Markets Can Be Tricky

This week we saw the markets once again hit unprecedented highs despite Japan officially falling into a recession. When you’re in the driver’s seat, sometimes it feels like those traditional

Foreign Markets

Demographics and Japan

The original Star Trek television series only ran for 33 months, from September 1966 through June 1969. It’s ironic that the short-lived series was canceled a month before man walked