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Hit the Reset Button

I’m a firm believer in the old adage “the more you give, the more you will receive” especially during the holidays when we focus our attention on spiritual reflection, family


Market Crash and High Yield Debt

Since late 2008, the unprecedented quantitative easing (QE) that flooded our economy has produced another terrible consequence — the unbelievable mispricing of high-risk, high-yield bonds. At the top of the


Biotechnology’s Cancer Crusher

Last week, I wrote about the billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong becoming the Elon Musk of biotech. And true to form, we saw his impact on the market after Monday’s announcement that

Housing Market

The Housing Market and Debt

The Federal Reserve recently reported that household debt as a percentage of income has fallen to its lowest level in a decade. After peaking near 135%, the measure has dropped


Fearless Market Research

Mark Cuban shocked the audience at TechCrunch Disrupt in September when he stated that too many investors in Silicon Valley suffer from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out when it

Life Cycle

Economic Cycle Spins For the Rich

One of the clear historic signs of debt and of financial bubbles is that the rich get richer… at least until the bubbles finally burst. Janet Yellen recently commented on


Stock Market, Grab the Bull by the Horns

Our experiences shape us. We can agree on that, right? And as much as we’d like to think we learn from the mistakes of others, the truth is… most of


Bond Market Shouts To Be Heard

I think the idea that cars, sports equipment, etc., can “talk” is a guy thing. I can’t recall seeing a woman talk to a golf ball before she teed off,


Oil Drops, Volatility Spikes

Markets came alive last week and most of the activity can be attributed to oil prices, which continued to spiral sharply downward. Seemingly out of nowhere, the energy sector has


U.S. Economy Powered By Everyday People

Who knows most about the economy? Everyday people. That’s who knows the most about an economy. I always say that economists don’t understand the most important thing about our economy.