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January 2016: Earnings Season Could Make or Break the Market!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and will have a happy and safe new year. The funny thing about the financial markets is that there is no downtime.


3 Forecasts for 2016 Are About to Roll In!

As the holidays wind down and a new year begins, the stock market will be chock full of clues as to the future… if you know where to look for


2015: Another Year of Market-Beating Returns

If your investment portfolio didn’t produce a double-digit return for you this year… rest assured, you’re not alone. The S&P 500 – otherwise known as “The Market” – has returned

Business Cycle

The Deadly Truth About the Great Boom and This “Recovery”

A Yahoo Finance headline this morning reads: “Unhappy New Year: The U.S. Economy Is Stalling Out.” We recently learned that existing home sales in November crashed 10.5% from the month

Health Care

Health Care Premiums Shooting Through the Roof? Here’s Why

Approximately 3% of Americans are holding up the U.S. health care system, and from the latest spending bill, it’s clear Congress has zero regard for them.


2016: You Don’t Want to Buy and Hold This Market!

This year has been called “the year nothing worked.” Stocks, bonds, commodities… emerging markets… real estate investment trusts… pipelines… cash… nothing generated much in the way of returns in 2015.

Housing Market

China’s Unprecedented Real Estate Bubble Is a Ticking Time Bomb

We woke up this morning to find oil prices weighing on the market… again… with China suffering the biggest losses. Oil prices have already kept stocks at bay in the


Make This Christmas Count, Because Next Year Might Not Be So Jolly

It’s Christmas. It’s the time of year when everyone feels their best. Even the markets tend to perform better (though that isn’t the case this year). But for the most


This Christmas, Celebrate the Imperfections

I’m a Christmas guy. As I’ve written in the past, every year I start playing Christmas music in the car the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve got the usual stuff –


Tall Tales: Two Common Myths You’ll Hear About Trading Options

Options are one of the most misunderstood investment vehicles in all of finance. Some think you should avoid them like the plague. Others, like myself, see the tremendous upside. So