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Resistance is Futile…Don’t Fight the Fed!

Last month I wrote a piece about not fighting the Fed — that is, not investing contrary to Fed policy. That’s been a common theme for many years, as those

Life Cycle

New Generation, New Values: The Decline of Marriage in America

Every generation has a different set of values from the one before it. The “Greatest Generation” survived the Great Depression and World War II, developing a much different set of


Don’t Miss Out! Why You Should Max Out Your 401K Every Year

Warren Buffett is sometimes referred to as the “Sage” or “Oracle” of Omaha, as his wisdom is so widely followed in the investment community. But even in his prime, not


WARNING: The Greatest Market Crash of Your Lifetime Is Coming

I have a hierarchy of four macroeconomic cycles that I’ve developed over the years. I developed my first cycle in 1988, when my research culminated in the Generational Spending Wave,


The ONE Safe Asset for the Coming Crisis!

It’s Not at all What You Think People, particularly investors, can be so crazy sometimes. They just refuse to believe the facts, no matter how much evidence you show them.


The Puzzle of Biotech Developments: Something’s Missing…

Does it seem like everyday you wake up to find another smartphone app either solving the world’s most basic necessities or performing a completely nonsensical function? From better ways to


What Do Equity Investments & Russian Roulette Have in Common?

I’ve never played Russian Roulette. As I understand it, the game involves loading a bullet into one chamber of a revolver, spinning the cylinder, and then, without looking to see


In an Economy Stretched to the Max, How Liquid Are Your Investments?

In recent weeks, I’ve written predominately bearish pieces with respect to my view of the market. And, of course the market has claimed higher. My views aren’t intended to be


Compulsory Contributions: The Future of Retirement Planning?

Recently, CNBC’s Kelly Holland wrote a commentary on the apparent failure of the 401K system. She explained that the typical family only had just less than $19,000 in their retirement


Seeking Profitable Investment Opportunities? Look No Further…

I wear many hats here at Dent Research. As the Chief Investment Strategist for our group, I’m responsible for identifying actionable investment opportunities for subscribers who, naturally, have unique and