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The Stock Market Claims Another Victim…

Recently in Ahead of the Curve, I discussed a couple of catalysts that may serve as the gravitational force that pulls equity prices lower. Over the past couple of years,


An Electric Dilemma: Is This The End of Solar Panels?

How much are you willing to pay for independence? I’m not talking about starting a new nation or cutting the chord with civilization. I’m referring to a part of modern


Insider Scoop: The Best Way to Profit These Next Six Months

Like so many investment sayings, there’s truth to the “Sell in May and go away” adage… and many caveats. Ultimately, your decision to follow or ignore this market-timing strategy depends


The Stock Market: Two Scenarios, One Outcome

I just finished updating The Demographic Cliff — my most recent bestselling book on Amazon — for the paperback edition set to come out in August. In it I predict


WARNING: 70% Stock Market Crash Looming

“It’s one of the scariest moments in our history,” warns Ronald Reagan’s former Budget Advisor, David Stockman, during a recent video interview that tackles concerns over the future of America’s


What Does The Fed See In Our Future?

Everyone that participates in the markets has an opinion about the Fed. An opinion about how their decision makers are doing, if it should be audited, or even whether the

Life Cycle

Is Government Helping Us, Or Vice Versa?

The Fed needs your help. This stately body of academics has worked for years to rejuvenate the U.S. economy, but to no avail. You can’t say they’ve been lazy in


Follow the Leader: Company Insiders as Value Investors

I’ll start this with an important distinction: There are two very different kinds of insider trading. There’s the “Martha Stewart” kind that will get you thrown into white-collar prison. And


The Curse of The “Mini” Bubble: China’s Period of Worsening News

On April 16, the Shanghai Composite stock index rose 4.4% and Hong Kong’s market went up 7.9%. The next day, China’s exports got reported down 15% year-over-year… while the stock


Modifying Human Embryos: A Biotech Miracle, or One Step Too Far?

In 1997, Columbia Pictures released a Sci-Fi thriller called Gattaca. The setting takes place in a world full of genetically engineered people whose lives are pre-determined by their DNA. In