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Top Earners Beware: A Tax Increase to 50% Is on the Cards!

As with everything, inequality grows and fades in cycles. And this one has reached the top.

Foreign Markets

Winners & Losers: Projected Annual Returns Don’t Favor the U.S.!

Several world markets are priced to deliver solid returns over the next eight years, but not the U.S.

Foreign Markets

Beyond Greece: The Euro’s Fundamental Flaw

While the euro sorts out its problems, stay long the U.S. dollar!


Google’s Latest Partnership Could Revolutionize Genome Analysis!

This amazing piece of software will help scientists quickly analyze genome-sequencing data.

Business Cycle

Cash Is King in a Depression… Just Ask the Mafia

Sell financial assets, speculative real estate, and parts of your business you don’t dominate now.


S&P 500: Even the Bottom 5% Is Overpriced!

We are in the second highest speculative phase in over 40 years!


Momentum Investing: How to Not End Up Old and Broke!

Might sound like a lot, but it takes as little as 10 minutes a month.


Correction Protection: Have You Insured Your Summer?

Just because the bulls are still leading doesn’t mean they aren’t risks!


This Disruptive Technology Could Change the Future of Agriculture

When a business closes and gets kicked out of its building, it’s common for another business to sign a lease… especially on valuable real estate. But this might be one of

Central Banks

The Real Reason the Fed Didn’t Raise Rates!

The Fed just doesn’t want the blood on their hands when the market collapses!