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Don’t Be Duped: Oil Is Not Bouncing Into Recovery!

The global economy has $57 trillion more debt now than it did at the last bubble peak in 2008. The energy sector alone has $248 billion in junk bond debt


Medical Breakthrough: Targeting The Growth of Cancer Cells

If you’ve ever known someone with cancer, you know the terrible side effects of the disease… mutated cells replicating throughout the body, slowly taking over vital organs, until they stop


Is This The End For The U.S. Dollar?

China has been selling some of those bonds to prop up their own currency. This is supposed to signal the end of the U.S. dollar. What is the dollar’s future?


Stocks Are Likely in for Another 6 Months of Volatility!

What a week it’s been! Since last Thursday when the selling began, volatility – as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index (aka the “VIX”) – has rocketed higher, and doesn’t

Housing Market

Real Estate: The Downside Risk in 20 Major U.S. Cities

Selling real estate is hard, if for no other reason than emotionally. But real estate prices could tank to 2000 levels when the greatest housing bubble in modern history EXPLODES.


Bear Markets: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Wall Street has had a wild ride over the last week. If this is indeed the beginning of a full-on bear market, it’s only getting started.


Breakout: These Investments Were Slaughtered in a Matter of Seconds

1,300. That’s about the number of times that individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were halted on Monday. Stock exchanges halt the trading of securities when there is extreme volatility.


Market Selloff: Strike While the Iron Is Hot!

I don’t usually drink on a Monday afternoon, but yesterday, I made an exception. Once the market had closed, I snuck out of the office for a cold beer (a


Get With the Program: Bubbles Don’t Correct, They BURST!

When bubbles burst, they usually kick off with a 20% to 50% slide right out the gate – most often within a matter of months.


Run for Cover! Investors Flee to U.S. Treasury Bonds

Despite the Fed’s talk of a rate hike as soon as next month, long-term U.S. Treasury yields continue to trend lower as investors seek the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds.